As Soon As Kim Seon Ho Opened His Mouth About The Controversy Over His Personal Life, Several Fans Came To Support Him All The Way On Social Media.

Kim Seon Ho admitted he was wrong and uploaded his apology for the recent controversy regarding his personal life. As soon as the official statement was released, several fans ran to Kim Seon Ho’s Instagram to support him all out.

Fans left messages of support such as, It’s going to be okay. People please wake up, My heart breaks thinking of how scared you are. There are a lot of fans cheering you on, so spread your shoulders and act with confidence.

Some also recommended a fresh start, There are many fans who have been waiting for you, so let’s start again, You will come back stronger after everything is over, I support you and believe that you will grow further through this incident.

Apart from his personal Instagram, there are many supports written on social media. Even though he has admitted he was wrong and apologized, it seems that the fans feel that Kim Seon Ho has the right to be happy.

Kim Seon Ho’s scandal left hundreds of production staff and fellow actors who trusted him and the 10 advertisers who signed with him now have to suffer losses. It was also removed from ” 2 Days and 1 Night “, as well as all three of its upcoming films.

While people are still angry that Kim Seon Ho apologized without mentioning his responsibilities, the unconditional love and support to the last drop of blood from fans is still flowing for him.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend has spoken up again by releasing a new post . He stated that there was a misunderstanding between them and that he had received an apology from him.

Kim Seon Ho’s Disgraced Co-Star Allegedly From ‘Start Up’

Kim Seon Ho Is Claimed To Belittle His Co-Stars For Having Bad Acting And A Bad Personality. Her Ex-Boyfriend Mentioned About The Drama She Starred In Last Year.

In addition to the forced abortion controversy, Kim Seon Ho is also said to have often badmouthed his co-stars, conveyed through A’s initial post claiming to be his ex-girlfriend. The co-star in question is allegedly from the drama ” Start Up “.

In connection with the long post shared by A, a former entertainment reporter named Lee Jin Ho suddenly did a live broadcast on Youtube to talk about the identity of Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend. In addition to talking about A’s identity, he also discussed the actor who often spoke badly about his colleagues to his ex-girlfriend.

Kim Seon Ho is claimed to belittle his co-stars for having bad acting and a bad personality. The 1986-born actor was even reported to have told A that he had rejected an actress because his appearance did not suit his taste.

Lee Jin Ho confirmed that the co-star that Kim Seon Ho vilified was not from ” Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha ” because the timing was not right. Therefore, many netizens think that Kim Seon Ho may have spoken ill of his co-stars in the drama “Start Up,” including Suzy , Nam Joo Hyuk and Kang Han Na .

Prior to “Start-Up,” Kim Seon Ho had starred in a number of dramas such as ” Welcome to Waikiki 2 “, ” Two Cops “, ” 100 Days My Prince ” and more. But there is a reason why netizens believe that the co-star in question is from “Start Up,” his latest drama before “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.”

In the original post, A revealed, About the drama he starred in last year, he always complained from start to finish. He said it was better not to play because the drama was bad.

Kim Seon Ho is also said to have criticized the director and scriptwriter of the drama. There was even a revelation that Kim Seon Ho blatantly called the second female lead of the drama ugly.

“Start Up” was produced in 2020, at the same time Kim Seon Ho was dating his ex-girlfriend. According to Lee Jin Ho, what Kim Seon Ho said about his comrades behind them has caused these people to go through hard times.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho has admitted he was wrong and uploaded his apology . As soon as the official statement was released, several fans ran to Kim Seon Ho’s Instagram to support him all out.

By Fuzy