Here are South Korean dramas or drakors that fans have been waiting for, which will air in March 2022 . One of the things to look forward to is Pachinko , which presents various South Korean stars.

Drama fans will have a new show in March 2022 . Because Korean dramas like Pachinko and others will air that month.

A number of well-known artists will decorate the drama that airs in March 2022 . Coming with various genres, artists such as Park Hyung Sik, Kim Jae Wook, to Lee Min Ho will be present in the Korean drama .

Without further ado, here are the most awaited Korean dramas or drakors such as Pachinko which will air in March 2022 , as reported by Suara — Ayosemarang network :

1. Crazy Love (KBS)
Crazy Love is a drama that follows the love story between a rude but skilled instructor who receives death threats and his secretary who is terminally ill. Kim Jae Wook plays Noh Go Jin, the narcissistic CEO of the education company GOTOP and the top math instructor in Korea with an IQ of 190.

Krystal plays Lee Shin Ah, Noh Go Jin’s secretary who doesn’t have much time to live. The drama, which also stars Ha Jun, will premiere on KBS on March 7, 2022 .

2. Kill Heel (tvN)
The Korean drama Kill Heel was originally slated to air on February 23, 2022, but was pushed back to March 9 , 2022 due to the Covid-19 case. Kill Heel stars Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young, and Kim Sung Ryung.

This drama tells the story of three ambitious women who strive to be the best in the competitive world of home shopping. This drama also stars a series of cool supporting artists such as Kim Jae Chul, Jung Eui Jae, Moon Ji In, and Jeon No Min.

3. A Superior Day (OCN)

A Superior Day is a thriller drama based on a webtoon. The story is about a man who must save his kidnapped daughter within 24 hours by killing the serial killer who lives next door.

Jin Goo as Lee Ho Chul, a firefighter whose daughter is kidnapped. Ha Do Kwon as Bae Tae Jin, a professional assassin. Lee Won Geun as Kwon Si Woo, a serial killer. The drama will air on March 13, 2022 on OCN.

4. The King of Pigs (TVING)

The King of Pigs is a thriller drama about several people who are forced to recall their experiences as victims of school violence. This is because a mysterious serial murder has occurred since they received a message from their friend from 20 years ago.

This drama stars Kim Dong Wook, Kim Sung Kyu, and Chae Jung Ahn. The drama will air on March 18, 2022 .

5. Pachinko (Apple TV+)
Pachinko is a global project produced in English, Korean and Japanese. The drama, which is based on Min Jin Lee’s best-selling book, is about the search for a Korean immigrant family that is peppered with conflicts of forbidden love, war and more.

The drama features a large number of world famous actors such as Lee Min Ho , Kim Min Ha, Youn Yuh Jung, Anna Sawai, Jung In Ji and many more. The drama airs starting March 25 on Apple TV+ for 8 episodes.

By Jaya