After know the info that Pacific Rim 2 is only produced by opa Guillermo del Torro without direct directed by him, I was immediately disappointed and pessimistic that the sequel of the franchise besutannya will all memorable first. After last night I watched it myself, is the prediction right? Unfortunately , all of our predictions were correct.

Pacific Rim Uprising begins with a tempo that I think is too fast. I, who happened to bring a partner who had not watched the first film, seemed a little confused by some of the terms that appeared such as Jaeger , Kaiju , Ranger and others. Is it a problem for the “lay” audience? I don’t think it’s too much of a problem. This is actually a positive point, because they are lucky who have not watched the first film, because it can be a “cure” for disappointment after watching the second one.

Entering the middle of the film I found some (or many) ” what the fuck moment ” which made me personally quite disturbing. Ok , let’s get straight to the point, here I try to list some annoying irregularities in Pacific Rim Uprising. This section will have minor spoilers :

The part of the main character ( Cailee Spaeny ) could just go into the “ Jaeger-training academy ” for “what -so-just ” reasons .
The aspiring Jaeger pilots who are still in their infancy. How can a company as big as the Pan Pacific Defense Corps , which has made super- big robots , then give a big responsibility to protect this world to a teenage boy who is still unstable?

The part ” Neural Handshake ” which is not as important as in the First film. In the first film it is emphasized that to become a Jaeger pilot requires a good “bond”. Huh here? The boy I mentioned in the previous point seems to be randomly paired up to hold a Jaeger without discussing the emotional ties of each person. These are Jaegers or robots in Timezone, sis?
Battle scenes are not memorable . Okay, Jaeger’s design in this second film looks more excited with more flexible movements than in the first film, maybe because the technology is far developed. But the excitement of the robot battle here is just a ride through without a memorable scene . No one has been able to beat Pacific Rim 1’s Battle of Hong Kong yet .
The dregs of Final Battle . You can watch this section for yourself. How lazy the director ends his film is seen here.

That’s it, some minor spoiler points that explain that this film is a failed sequel . So , is this film overall bad? If you can enjoy Transformers or Power Rangers – style robot battles that ignore the storyline and strong characters, please watch, you may be entertained.

The essence of this review , the Pacific Rim franchise is helped by good acting from John Boyega and of course the appearance of Tian Jing .

By Kania