(Peacemaker) Episode 6: Butterfly and White Dragon Start Fighting

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Peacemaker ‘s sixth episode finally aired on HBO Go on February 3, 2022. In the fifth episode , the Project Butterfly team finally found the location of Butterfly’s food manufacturing plant. Clemson Murn then orders his team to destroy the factory. Yep, the fifth episode is arguably the most action-packed episode to date.

At the end of the fifth episode, Leota Adebayo idly tries on his Peacemaker or Chris helmet which is equipped with X-ray technology. Because of wearing the helmet, Leota finally finds out that Clemson is a Butterfly in disguise! So, what will happen to Leota after learning the facts about Clemson?

Sophie Song, who knows that Chris is the real killer of Annie Sturphausen, now has a chance to catch Chris. On the other hand, Sophie must free Chris’ father, Auggie Smith, in order to capture Chris. In this sixth episode, you can finally see how threatening the villains in this series are.

Sophie Song got access to catch the Peacemaker

What will happen to Leota after finding out that Clemson is a Butterfly? Fortunately, Leota is still okay because Clemson doesn’t have the same bad intentions as the other Butterfly. What’s even more surprising is that Emilia Harcourt and John Economos were the first to know about Clemson’s facts about Butterfly.

Do you remember how Sophie asked her uncle, who is a judge, to give Chris an arrest warrant? Sophie manages to get hold of the letter, frees Auggie, and orders her troops to surround Chris’ house. Thanks to a warning from Clemson, Chris and Vigilante manage to escape in time through the roof, when the police break into his home.

Chris and Vigilante, who took Butterfly from Royland Goff’s body in the third episode, attempted to escape by jumping over trees. But because of his silly behavior, Vigilante instead fell from a tree, broke a jar containing Butterfly Goff, and was caught by Sophie. Unexpectedly, the Butterfly Goff that was released immediately flew and entered Sophie’s mouth to control the police.

Chris and Vigilante had difficulty escaping, but were finally rescued by Caspar Locke. There, Chris saw how Caspar killed the police who were chasing him. Chris seemed a little shaken to see Caspar’s sadistic actions. From this scene, we can see that Chris begins to doubt his ideology, which is ready to kill anyone who disturbs the peace.

The gathering of the Butterfly team

After Leota finds out that Clemson is a Butterfly, Clemson finally explains that the Butterfly that came from Goff’s body is the leader of his clan. Butterfly Goff and his followers have a plan to rule the Earth. Clemson, the only Butterfly who doesn’t agree with Goff’s plans, turns out to join Project Butterfly to thwart the plans of his own people.

But because of Vigilante’s silliness, Goff manages to escape from Chris’ jar and take control of Sophie’s body. Without wasting any time, Sophie who had been influenced by Butterfly immediately summoned all of her followers. Sophie then takes her followers to the police station and her followers control the brains of everyone in the police station, from police officers to prisoners.

After five episodes, we finally get to see how terrible Butterfly is in the sixth episode. Who would have thought, this beautiful butterfly-shaped alien entered the human brain in a quite sadistic way. Plus, their huge numbers are certainly a big threat to humans. At the end of the episode, the Butterfly traps Chris by using the diary that Leota put in the fifth episode.

White Dragon and his Aryan Empire followers

Auggie is finally free from prison after Sophie manages to get the Peacemaker’s arrest warrant. So annoyed with his son, Auggie immediately intends to kill his son as soon as he gets out of prison. There aren’t many Auggie scenes in this episode. However, we can see how Auggie is really serious about his talk.

When Butterfly who controls Sophie gathers his troops, Auggie at his house turns out to gather his followers called the Aryan Empire. As a group that upholds white supremacy, members of the Aryan Empire wear masks similar to those of the Ku Klux Klan.

The members of the Aryan Empire then help put the White Dragon costume on Auggie’s body and pay their respects to Auggie. Yep, the sixth episode is the point where we start to see the seriousness of the villains in Peacemaker . Moreover, Chris will face two villains at once for the next episode. You must be getting curious, right, what will happen to Chris in the seventh episode?