Persib Bandung against Persita Tangerang in week 18 of Liga 1 2021-2022 . The match at the Gelora Ngurah Rai, Denpasar, Bali, Friday (7/1/2022) night WIB, Maung Bandung won 1-0 over Persita.

Persib Bandung vs Persita Tangerang Results
Persib Bandung vs Persita Tangerang Results

The course of the match

First round Persib

Appeared pressing at the beginning of the first half. Through a combination of attacks built by Beckham Putra and Febri Hariyadi, they made Persita’s back line tight. Thirteen minutes into the game, Maung Bandung almost took the lead. Unfortunately, a hard kick released by Bruno Cantanhede from inside the penalty box could still be denied by Rendy Oscario. Not long ago, Febri performed individual skills in the Persita penalty box. Febri managed to beat Muhammad Toha, but his shot bounced slightly over the crossbar. In the 27th minute, Rendy again made a brilliant save. He blocked Rashid’s volley which met Febry’s sweet pass. As a result, Persita’s goal is still safe from being conceded. Not wanting to lose, the Cisadane Warrior managed to get out of Maung Bandung’s pressure after half an hour of the match. Unfortunately, the two opportunities that were obtained by Irsan Maulana and Andre Agustiar failed to produce goals because the Persib defense line appeared very solid. Unfortunately for Persita, in the 32nd minute, Rendy made a blunder after the ball he controlled was too far and Bruno managed to steal it. Then, he immediately dropped the Brazilian player in the forbidden box and the referee pointed to the white dot. Then, Bruno managed to do his job well as a penalty executioner. Persib also lead 1-0. After the goal, Maung Bandung lowered the tempo of the game. Meanwhile, Persita still struggles to dismantle Persib’s defense. As a result, the 1-0 score remained until halftime.

Second round

Left behind by one goal, Persita immediately appeared attacking in the early minutes of the second half. They also get an opportunity through Taylon Correa. Unfortunately, poor finishing saw him fail to score the equaliser. However, Maung Bandung did not remain silent. They immediately upped the tempo of the game and played with quick short passes As a result, Persib got a golden opportunity in the 57th minute through Bruno. Unfortunately, Bruno had the ball too long so his shot was blocked by Persita’s defender. In fact, several of his colleagues were also standing free in the penalty box and waiting for feedback from him. Nine minutes later, Rashid almost added to Maung Bandung’s advantage. However, his hard kick from distance was still narrowly wide next to the opponent’s goal. Not just giving up, the Cisadane Swordsman kept trying to catch up. One of them was through Kasim Botan’s effort on 77 minutes. However, his hard kick from a narrow angle on the left side of the Persib defense could still be blocked by Teja Paku Alam. In the final 10 minutes of normal time, the tempo of the game continued to increase. Both teams were involved in buying and selling attacks, but nothing came of it.

Persib also won 1-0 over Persita The following is the line-up for Persib Bandung vs Persita Tangerang: PERSIB (4-5-1) : T. Alam; H. Herdiana, N. Kuipers, A. Jufriyanto, A. Idrus; M. Klok, M. Rashid Bassim, F. Hariyadi, B. Putra, B. Cantanhede; David Silva. Reserves : B. Fiqri, A. Aziz Lutfi, E. Vizcarra, F. Butuan, Supardi, Zalnando, M. Jardel, M. Syafril Lestaluhu, M. Aqil Savik. Coach : Robert Rene Alberts

PERSITA (4-3-3) : R. Oscario; M. Toha, S. Anwar, A. Prasetyo, K. Gomes; N. Davronov, H. Cardoso de Oliveira, Bae Sin-Young; I. Maulana, T. Correa, A. Agustiar. Subs : M. Iqbal, A. Nur Hardianto, M. Hamdi, R. Ariansyah, T. Hamdani Goentara, Altalariq Ballah, D. Atapelwa, D. Gusmawan, M. Kasim Botan. Coach : Widodo Cahyono Putro


By Yas Il