Philippe Coutinho explodes at Aston Villa, how do Barcelona feel?

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Philippe Coutinho is starting to find his best game again. The decision to join Aston Villa in the January 2022 transfer window proved to be the right one.

Coutinho is considered to be Barcelona ‘s biggest failed purchase . He was signed for an exorbitant fee from Liverpool a few years ago. The hope is that Coutinho can become a new midfield general.

Unfortunately, that hope did not materialize. Coutinho has never adjusted to Barca’s game. In fact, he tends to struggle and seems to have no place in the Barca team.

Loaned to Villa
Returning to the Premier League seems very profitable for Coutinho. He’s back in his habitat, playing as well as he should.

Coutinho has scored three goals and provided two assists in just five appearances for Aston Villa so far. That is, Coutinho is starting to show a game like when he was still defending Liverpool.

There are many factors that made Coutinho return to playing at the top level. One of them is the style of play in the Premier League.

Coutinho needs space to express and carry the ball. He didn’t get that chance at Barcelona.

What are Barca’s plans?
Seeing Coutinho return to playing well is certainly good news for Barca. According to Sport, Barca are starting to be optimistic about the current Coutinho.

In the Coutinho loan agreement to Villa, there is a clause of a permanent purchase option worth 40 million euros. If Coutinho continues to play like this, Villa might make up for it.

Interestingly, the clause of 40 million euros seems to be installed by Barca so that Villa does not buy Coutinho permanently. In fact, Barca are not sure Villa want to buy Coutinho permanently.

Now the situation is changing. Villa may be interested in buying Coutinho on a permanent basis. However, Barca are not sure to release Coutinho at a cheap price.

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