The Barcelona FC footballer agreed to allow his ex-wife to move to the United States with their two children, but the reasons for his decision entail a document that did not favor him

Piqué is finally going to sign the authorization for Shakira to move to Miami with her children Sasha and Milan. Although this decision does not really do the player a bit of grace, but he understands that everything was derailed as a result of his mistake and he does not want his children to continue suffering, so he has finally accepted the ideas of the his ex-wife.

As reported by Informalia, the Colombian singer’s lawyers presented a key document to the athlete, where it is stated that her children are having a very hard time due to media pressure as a result of the separation and the deception that he himself did to Shakira .

To save them from the harassment of the press, the Colombian feels that the best thing is to go to the United States, where they can start a new life free from the harassment of the Spanish media that have even chosen to defend the soccer player and victimize him........

Shakira also let Piqué know that every day she has journalistic guards at the door of her house. She is also waiting for her at the clinic where her father is hospitalized. All the paparazzi are looking for a statement after Gerard’s infidelity, who cheated on her with a waitress 20 years younger than her. Although according to various media, there would have been many more women with whom Piqué cheated on the renowned artist.

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