Alias ​​was able to reap revenues of USD 633 million. With a capital of “only” USD 92 million. Therefore, it is quite surprising that Pixar took up to 14 years to release this sequel to the Incredibles 2 film.

According to Pixar President Jim Morris, developing a sequel is not easy. Other studios, perhaps, will immediately make a sequel if the film is a success. However, not so with Pixar. Which is a Disney subsidiary. Morris added, Pixar will not make a sequel until the director has an idea where to take the sequel. So, they only fully support the Incredibles 2 project after Brad Bird feels confident with the concept.

Brad Bird, the director, who is also the voice of Edna Mode, believes that Incredibles 2 is still awaited by fans. Although the distance is 14 years apart from the first film first. Its really about family in a superhero world. Their way of dealing with problems like a normal family was very familiar to the audience.

And, as a result, after holding its world premiere, on June 5 2018, in Los Angeles, Incredibles 2 received a very positive response from critics. Although the plot and theme are considered similar to the previous film, this 118 minute film is considered to be able to maintain its element of humor. Which is very fun and entertaining as a family spectacle.

Oh yes. Like the tradition of previous Pixar films, Incredibles 2 audiences in theaters will also get additional treats. Namely, in the form of an opening animated film. Short duration. The characteristics of short animated films made by Pixar, so far, are the lack of dialogue, but they are very memorable and touch the hearts of the audience. Call it: Piper (Finding Dory), Presto (Wall-E), and Partly Cloudy (Up).

Usually, Pixar keeps their animated short films as a surprise. Aliases were not announced beforehand. The audience only knew about it after seeing it in the cinema. However, this time, it was different. Since long ago, Pixar has released a leak about the short animated film that will open Incredibles 2. The title is Bao. The duration is about 7.5 minutes.

In two photos of Bao released some time ago, a woman with slanted eyes is seen hugging dumplings. aka dumplings. It is said that the woman of Chinese descent felt lonely. Because their children are adults and have their own lives. However, suddenly, a miracle happened. The dumplings he had made suddenly came to life. The lonely mothers also have a new favorite “child”.

According to Domee Shi, the director, the word “Bao” which is taken as the title of his short animated film, actually has two meanings in Chinese. The first is steamed buns. However, secondly, it can also mean something very valuable. Some kind of treasure.

Domee Shi admitted that Bao’s story was inspired by his personal experience. As the only child, of a Chinese immigrant living in Canada, he felt his mother always treated him like a dumpling.

By Fatrick