Cool anime recommendations don’t only have action Popular genres So Favorites of All Ages, but there are also various other genres such as comedy or fantasy with interesting plots and characters. Moreover, in 2022, there will be a number of cool new anime titles for you to watch.

A number of characters in anime shows are unique and interesting. There are a variety of anime characters, even quite popular in various circles, both children and adults. Call it the characters like Doraemon, Naruto, or Pokemon, of course, they are very popular.

This character is one of the characters in the cool anime recommendations. But it turns out that there are still some other cool anime recommendation titles that are no less interesting for you to watch. Curious what are the recommended cool anime titles? Just take a look through the reviews below.

Recommended Cool and Best Anime of All Time
A variety of cool anime comes with fun and unique stories. Moreover, each character has a successful role in attracting the attention of the audience. A number of cool anime recommendations even include being the best of all time. The reason is that even though it has been released for quite a long time, the cool anime recommendations below are still very popular today. Curious what are the coolest and best anime recommendations of all time? Let’s check in the review below about the coolest and best anime recommendations.


The first recommendation of the best cool anime of all time is NARUTO. This anime entitled NARUTO is very famous in various circles even though I am not a fan of the anime series. That’s why NARUTO includes the best cool anime recommendations of all time. The first time it was released for the series version was in 2002. From time to time the NARUTO anime has an interesting storyline and is always growing.

NARUTO tells the story of a ninja whose body is sealed by a Jinchuuriki or a nine-tailed fox monster. Naruto Uzumaki character has a dream to become Hokage in his village. Naruto tries to get the recognition of the villagers who are worried because in his body there is a nine-tailed monster. One day he finally managed to get the recognition of the villagers but had to fight the enemies who were trying to get the spirit of the nine tailed fox.


The next cool and best anime recommendation of all time is DRAGON BALL. For anime fans, of course, you are very familiar with the anime title DRAGON BALL. Moreover, this anime has been remake in series to film versions. DRAGON BALL was first released for the series version in the 80s. From time to time, recommendations for cool anime DRAGON BALL come with the latest and more exciting episodes.

But overall DRAGON BALL tells the story of Goku’s adventures to find and collect dragon balls. This dragon ball can later grant the wishes of anyone who has it. Meanwhile in 2022, DRAGON BALL is present in an animated film version entitled DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO. This time it’s about Goku’s enemy who returns to take revenge.


Talking about the coolest and best anime recommendations of all time, INUYASHA certainly cannot be forgotten. Because the INUYASHA anime is indeed very famous and the best of all time. The INUYASHA anime revolves around Kagome Higurashi who suddenly has to deal with half-dog demons and humans. This happens when he accidentally falls into a well that transports him to the ancient world of the Sengoku period. So famous and popular, INUYASHA comes with hundreds of episodes starting from the first release for the anime series in 2000 ago.


The next recommendation for the coolest and best anime of all time is POKEMON. You are certainly no stranger to the very popular Pokemon character. The POKEMON anime was released in the 90s which presented a unique and interesting story about the Pokomen characters, namely the poker monsters. One of the famous Pokemon characters is Pikachu. Each storyline also tells about the friendship relationship of Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, May, Max and others along with their trainers. The POKEMON anime is present in several film series with different titles but is very exciting for you to watch.

By Jaya