Portraits of Korean Music Artists Who Unexpectedly Study in the Department of Foreign Arts, from 2NE1 Minzy to Suju Siwon

Having a profession as an artist sometimes makes some celebrities focus more on their careers in the entertainment world. As a result, sometimes education is subordinated and even abandoned for the sake of the coffers of life. Especially South Korean artists who are being highlighted by the world.

Yes, some Korean artist names are now very well known for their work rather than other things such as education. However, who would have thought that names like Suju Siwon and 2NE1 Minzy had received higher education.

If traced, it seems that apart from the two names, there are several other Korean music artists aka K-Pop who have successfully studied up to graduation and earned a minimum bachelor degree.

In fact, if followed, they are productive artists with many works. Even interestingly, a number of Korean artists chose majors outside of the arts as their academic degrees.

Degrees Outside of the Arts
Some of these K-Pop artists majored in business, engineering, even theology and physical education instead of dancing, music, or acting.

From their appearance, it doesn’t look like they are taking that major. But these Korean artists secretly have their own academic abilities outside of the arts.

Then, who are South Korean music artists who are productive but have academic degrees outside of art? Including the two names above, the following is a list.

1. Siwon Suju

As stated above, Siwon Suju has an unexpected academic degree. This Inha University graduate majored in Physical Education for his academic degree.

So far, Super Junior personnel are known to have an athletic body because they are diligent in exercising such as playing basketball and stopping by the gym.

2. Minzy 2NE1

2NE1 well-known Minzy has an academic degree in Christian Theology since 2018.

One of the four 2NE1 personnel graduated from Baekseok University after four years of education. In fact, it is reported that Minzy is known to be diligent in college and often gets high grades.

3. G-Dragon

The figure of G-Dragon, known as Big Bang personnel, apparently doesn’t get involved with the entertainment world by simply collecting money. He also took the time to study.

Amazingly, the owner of the real name Kwon Ji Yong graduated with two degrees. First, Bachelor of Sports Studies Master degree at Gukjae Cyber ​​University. After that, he earned a Master degree in Content Distribution and Retail at Sejong University.

4. Heechul

Kim Hee Chul alias Heechul, known as Super Junior (Suju) personnel, has a double degree majoring in Tourism and English and Translation at Sangji Youngsoe College.

It didn’t stop there, Heechul also had time to major in Computer Data Informatics at Sangji University and graduated in 2008. Looks like this one deserves a thumbs up, huh.

5. Song Ji Hyo

One of the Running Man members , Song Ji Hyo, has an academic degree from Kyungmoon University majoring in Tax Accounting. In fact, he is not only busy in Running Man. This 40-year-old woman is also in the world of acting and singing.

6. Taecyeon 2PM

2PM Taecyeon also added to the list of Korean music artists who have academic degrees outside of the arts. He graduated from Dankook University in 2012.

So what major did Taecyeon take? Apparently he chose Business Administration for his bachelor degree in his higher education.

7. Hyerim

Hyerim, who is now known as a former member of Wonder Girls, also has an academic degree after she graduated from Hankook University of Foreign Studies.

Hyerim chosen field during college was not art major, but Interpretation. This K-Pop artist is indeed known to master languages ​​outside Korea such as English to Mandarin.

By Jaya