Positive For COVID 19, A Pink’s Eun Ji Shares Her Experience Of Doing A Self-Test With 16 Different Brands

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Eun Ji Herself Is Currently Undergoing Quarantine At Home After Being Tested Positive For COVID-19 On February 28 With Fellow Member Hayoung, Which Was Then Followed By Other Apink Members.

Recently, Eun Ji shared some advice with fans based on her personal experience regarding COVID-19. This Apink girl group member wrote in a post on his Twitter account about the self-test for COVID 19 he had done .

“I came because I had to tell you about this. I underwent 16 different self-diagnosis kits at home? I have some that I got from my agency and some that I bought,” he wrote. “Previously. Out of 16 tests, only 4 came out positive. So, if you feel your body looks a little unwell, make sure you test yourself both on your nose and throat!!”

Eun Ji continued on another post, “There are a lot of different sayings on the internet, but some of our fans aren’t looking for these things, so I thought, maybe they’ll take a look at this. 1. You guys aren’t feeling well (?) ST. 2. Immediately do a self-diagnosis kit test! 3. Get a minimum of two test kits so that you can also swab his throat! This is just my personal experience and not necessarily a rule but I hope you can pay attention!!!”

Meanwhile, Eun Ji herself is currently undergoing quarantine at home after being tested positive for COVID-19 on February 28 with fellow member Hayoung . A day later on March 1, IST Entertainment notified fans that other Apink members Chorong , Bomi , and Namjoo also tested positive for COVID-19.

Meanwhile in December 2021, IST Entertainment announced that Apink would make a comeback on February 14, 2022 with the release of their fourth studio album “Horn” as well as the lead single “Dilemma”. On January 18, 2022, it was announced by Na Eun who is now joining YG Entertainment that she will not be participating in album promotion activities except for filming for the album jacket and music video due to difficulties in coordinating schedules for her next project.

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