Chelsea brought home three points from Aston Villa’s headquarters, on Boxing Day 2021, at Villa Park. The London fleet took the lead with a score of 3-1, thanks to the contribution of two goals from Jorginho and Romelu Lukaku.

This maximum achievement makes Chelsea still stick to tight competition in the big three zones. The Blues are still always putting pressure on Manchester City and Liverpool.

Unfortunately, victory at Aston Villa’s headquarters did not necessarily make the Stamford Bridge camp happy. Instead, various complaints came from Chelsea coach, Thomas Tuchel.

He said the condition of his players continued to deteriorate and was not optimal in every game. This happened because of the unfair situation and schedule of the Premier League. In fact, injuries are still circling Chelsea’s strength.

One of the Chelsea camp’s attention is the schedule of matches that are too busy. It was so difficult to get peak performance, Tuchel admitted that he had submitted a request that the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers (19/12/2021) be postponed. Unfortunately, all that did not apply, and the match continued with a goalless draw.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 15 Premier League matches have been postponed throughout December. All of that is not in Chelsea’s favor, because they do not fall into that category.

Solid Play
Therefore, when he had to play eight times since the beginning of December, Tuchel admitted that he was uncomfortable. After meeting Aston Villa, Chelsea will host Brighton.

Chelsea’s conditions were not ideal when they returned from Aston Villa’s headquarters. Injuries are still the main enemy, which is now happening to Kai Harvetz, Timo Werner, Thiago Silva and N’Golo Kante.

“The schedule is not fair. We have to face teams who are more prepared due to the postponement of the match. Our opponents have a week to prepare more,” said Tuchel.

Chelsea deserved to suffer. Since opening in December 2021, they have played seven times on the Premier League stage. Chelsea’s opponents include Watford, West Ham United, Leeds United, Everton, Wolves and Aston Villa.

The results of the series of matches were not good enough for Chelsea. They lost at West Ham united, and drew twice against Everton and Wolves.

Not yet fresh from a visit to Aston Villa headquarters, Chelsea have had to work hard against Brighton (29/12/2021) and the arrival of Liverpool (2/1/2021). “The manager of the Premier League wants us to continue to play even though there are some who have Covid, as well as injuries. And it looks like this will not stop,” said Tuchel.

By Raufs