Chelsea star Mason Mount admits that he has experienced a lot of development under the guidance of Thomas Tuchel in the past year. Mason Mount became a much more dangerous player after the Blues was handled by the German manager.

Mason Mount has become an irreplaceable Chelsea player this season. Had missed several matches due to illness and injury, but the figure of Mason Mount was desperately needed.

Playing in the 3-4-3 formation system used by Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea, Mason Mount plays an important role, especially in helping the attackers.

Mason Mount is a player who quite often gets into the penalty box at this time. It turned out that this English player had indeed received instructions to try to score goals himself at Chelsea more often .

Role Change
Mason Mount admits there has been a change in his role and playing style on the pitch in the last year. He used to focus on playing in the middle, now he has the freedom to move forward and be more active in helping the attackers.

“In the first year or two I played in a deeper role as a number eight midfielder,” Mount told Sky Sports .

“Now I play more forward as a number 10 as well as a winger , so I have more chances to get into the box.”

“They want me to enter the penalty box more often and become a threat when attacking.

Score More Goals
Statistics also prove that Mason Mount makes more touches in the opponent’s penalty box. He can also create more shots, meaning there will be more goals.

“I’ve seen progress in the last few games in terms of the chances I’m getting just getting into the box,” said Mount.

“Last year, I played more on the left. Now maybe I need to focus on sending crosses,” said the player who is also a Chelsea academy graduate .

By Raufs