Chelsea’s young star from Germany, Kai Havertz is expected to score more goals when operating on the front lines. But so far he has not shown his sharpness.

Chelsea signed Kai Havertz from Leverkusen two seasons ago at a price that was not cheap. He is predicted to be the Blues’ top goalscorer.

Especially when Romelu Lukaku is still often parked, Kai Havertz is expected to be able to make up for that deficiency. Although goal after goal never came from Havertz.

However, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel asked to be more patient with the 20-year-old player. The reason, Havertz’s original position is an attacking midfielder.

In fact Havertz is often played as a striker under Tuchel. Although believed to be the spearhead, Havertz’s goal score is still not satisfactory. He has scored just two goals in 14 Premier League games this season.

The Chelsea forward has struggled to score goals this season. Even so, Tuchel did not demand Havertz to score more goals.

“We don’t need to tell him to score more because he plays as a striker, half a striker, so he is where everyone wants to score goals. All players are required to score goals and help,” he said.

Can Be Greater
Tuchel said that Havertz is still in the process of adapting at Chelsea. However, the German manager believes that Havertz can become a top player for the Blues.

“He has all the potential and character to be a top player for Chelsea but he is still developing and he is far from ready. As I said, he is very young. He has to grow into it. Don’t get too excited when we have a test tomorrow so who knows, ‘ said Tuchel.

By Raufs