Romelu Lukaku admits he is experiencing difficult conditions at Chelsea . Even so, the 28-year-old striker did not want to give up and was determined to get a place in the Blues core team again.

Lukaku appeared sloppy for two seasons in Inter Milan’s uniform from 2019 to 2021. Thanks to Romelu Lukaku’s contribution , the Nerazzurri won the Serie A trophy last season.

However, after that he decided to return to Chelsea for a transfer fee of 115 million euros. After returning to Stamford Bridge, Lukaku actually performed quite well for the Blues.

However, he later suffered an injury and was exposed to COVID-19. Lukaku’s condition has now recovered and can play for 90 minutes when the London Blue Team drew against Brighton.

He has scored seven goals in 18 games in all competitions for Chelsea this season.

Romelu Lukaku admits he is not happy with the current situation at Chelsea. Even so, he admitted that he would not give up facing the situation.

“Physically I’m fine. I think the coach has decided to play a different formation but I have to keep working professionally,” said Lukaku.

“I’m not happy with the situation, but this is my job and I can’t give up at Chelsea ,” Romelu Lukaku told Sky Sports.

Regret the Way to Go
The departure of Romelu Lukaku from the Giuseppe Meazza had made Inter Milan fans furious. The striker also admitted that he deeply regretted the way he left the club.

“I don’t think it should have happened that way,” he continued.

I’m upset about that because it’s not the right time now, but it’s not the right time when I leave either.”

Want CLBK with Inter Milan
Lukaku admits that he still loves Inter. He also did not rule out the possibility of an old love blossoming again (CLBK) with Inter in the future.

“I really hope so. I fell in love with Italy.”

By Raufs