Chelsea manager , Thomas Tuchel, laughed at Ralf Rangnick ‘s claim that he had rejected the offer of the Blues interim manager in February 2021. In fact, Chelsea had been coached by Thomas Tuchel since last January.

Ralf Rangnick claims to have received an offer to become the interim manager of the London Blue Team on a four-month contract. However, the offer was rejected by Rangnick, who was reluctant to serve as interim manager.

The situation was quite strange because Ralf Rangnick finally accepted the offer of the interim manager of Manchester United in November 2021. Thomas Tuchel considered the German manager to be wrong.

“Maybe the bosses at Chelsea saw us draw against Wolverhampton at the time and said ‘He doesn’t know what to do, let’s bring Ralf and give him a four-month contract’,” said Thomas Tuchel laughing as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“He may have the wrong date, hopefully. It’s a pleasure to have a job in the world of football as a Chelsea coach,” said the German manager.

Thomas Tuchel is a protégé of Ralf Rangnick . It will be interesting to look forward to the duel of teacher and student when Chelsea meets Manchester United on 15 May 2022 later.

Not Communication yet
Thomas Tuchel also admitted that he had not communicated with Ralf Rangnick . The former Paris Saint-Germain coach intends to congratulate him if he later has the opportunity to communicate with Rangnick.

However, Tuchel did not want to give advice or share his coaching experience in England. According to him, the former RB Leipzig coach did not need his advice to manage Manchester United.

“No, I haven’t spoken to him. If I did speak to him I would only congratulate him, but no advice,” Tuchel said.

“No one needs advice, or advice from me. I have quite a lot to do to solve our own problems,” he said.

It’s Proof Time
Manchester United is the first major European team to be coached by Ralf Rangnick. Previously, the 63-year-old only worked for teams such as Hannover, Schalke 04, to RB Leipzig.

Therefore, Tuchel considers Manchester United an opportunity for Rangnick to show off as a manager.

“Everyone is different and he can prove himself now at a very big club in the biggest league,” said Tuchel.

By Raufs