Lee Sang Yoon Said That ‘One The Woman’ Had The Most Fun Script To Read. He Also Felt Happy To Hear Viewers’ Comments On His Acting.

Lee Sang Yoon in early November has finished starring in ” One the Woman “. The 1981-born actor plays the character of Han Seung Wook, a third-generation chaebol heir who returns to Korea to find the truth behind his father’s mysterious death.

In a recent interview, Lee Sang Yoon said that “One the Woman” has the most enjoyable script to read. His agency’s CEO even asked him to star in the SBS drama because his previous character from ” VIP ” had received so much blasphemy.

I was talking to actor Jo Dal Hwan and he signaled, ‘You always do dramas that do well.’ I jokingly said, ‘It went well because I was in it!’, said Lee Sang Yoon.

But I actually think I’m lucky in choosing a project over a drama that goes well because I’m in it. My CEO thinks a lot when he sees potential projects, added Lee Sang Yoon.

Lee Sang Yoon concluded that the drama he starred in was able to do well thanks to the choice of the CEO and the work of other actors. The handsome actor also discussed what his acting was like in One the Woman.

Lee Sang Yoon replied, This is a time where I have to try the things I thought about acting, and this is the first project where I try to act comfortably, said Lee Sang Yoon.

Lee Sang Yoon further said that he was happy to hear viewers’ comments that his acting felt different in his latest project. The star of the drama “About Time” also gave praise to his co-star, Honey Lee. He’s a refreshing person, so he always leads the atmosphere on set refreshingly, and I receive a lot of help from him. Even when I don’t do anything, people greet me brightly, said Lee Sang Yoon.

I thanked him for allowing me to be on set like this, and he was also thoughtful in acting, so I received a lot of help there. As time passed and we became closer, we were able to talk more comfortably about making each other more comfortable. stood out, and we jokingly shared our interpretation of the scene. We filmed while having fun, concluded Lee Sang Yoon.

This is Lee Sang Yoon's impression of The Boyz's Younghoon who plays the younger version in 'One the Woman'

This Is Lee Sang Yoon’s Impression Of The Boyz’s Younghoon Who Plays The Younger Version In ‘One The Woman’

Lee Sang Yoon Had An Interview To Talk About The Drama ‘One The Woman‘ Which Had Just Ended. This Is His Impression Of The Boyz’s Younghoon Who Plays The Younger Version Of Han Seung Wook.

Even though it’s finished, ” One the Woman ” still leaves an impression on viewers as well as the actors involved. One of them is Lee Sang Yoon who is playing Honey Lee in the drama.

“One the Woman” started with a rating of 8.2 percent according to Nielsen Korea and ended at double the number. The last episode that aired last week received a rating of 17.8 percent. Making it a drama that gets a lot of love until the end of the broadcast.

In an interview with local media, Lee Sang Yoon did not expect to receive such a response. The actor also believes that the rating achievement is none other than Honey Lee’s. Maybe because Honey Lee is booming. The script is interesting, but I think the actors make it more digestible and fun, he said.

According to him, “One the Woman” always gives a feeling of joy as the story progresses. In addition to the fun drama, Lee Sang Yoon also felt that the filming process went smoothly because he quickly made friends with other actors, one of which was Honey Lee who was very familiar with him.

Lee Sang Yoon explained, He is a passionate friend, so we quickly became close friends. Thanks to him, I received a lot of help with a smile and controlled situations where the scene could be soft and sensitive.

In addition, Lee Sang Yoon also discussed The Boyz ‘s Younghoon who played the young chaebol version of Han Seung Wook. Seeing how handsome Younghoon was, he admitted that he was depressed when he acted as Han Seung Wook.

Jokingly, Lee Sang Yoon said, My character is very handsome so my heart is heavy. I feel a little uncomfortable when I see it.

Not only highlighting Young Hoon’s appearance, Lee Sang Yoon also praised his junior’s performance. Thank you for being so handsome and hardworking, Younghoon. He always greets me politely, so I see him as a person I love on set, he concluded.

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