Korean dramas are famous for their exciting and addictive stories. In addition, some of them also have unique story material so that the audience gets a new experience while enjoying it. This is also a characteristic of the drama.

As below, there are recommendations for the latest drama that raises a unique and different story from the others. Any drama, huh? Come on, take a look at the following recommendations!



1. Squid Games (2021)
One of the dramas that this year is attracting a lot of attention and viral in various parts of the world is Squid Game . In addition to getting up to 111 million viewers, the Netflix series with a production cost of around Rp. 303.8 billion has also earned a fantastic income of up to Rp. 12.5 trillion.

The drama, written and directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk, is about 456 people who are feeling hopeless. They then risked their lives to take part in a series of games to win a prize of 45.6 billion won or equivalent to Rp. 555 billion. Uniquely, the game that is appointed is a type of traditional South Korean children’s game.


2. Move to Haven (2021)
Raising an unusual story theme, Move to Heaven has also become one of the most popular Netflix series this year. The drama, directed by Kim Sung Ho and starring Lee Je Hoon, is a drama adaptation of an essay entitled Things Left Behind written by a professional trauma cleaner named Kim Sae Byul.

Move to Heaven also takes the story from a true story from the tragedy of the collapse of the Sampoong Mall. The story is about a person with Asperger’s syndrome named Han Geu Ru (Tang Jun Sang) and his uncle who runs a house cleaning service business for dead people named Move to Heaven.


3. Yumi’s Cells (2021)
Yumi’s Cells is a tvN drama directed by Lee Sang Yeob with the concept of combining live action drama with animation. This drama is about Yumi (Kim Go Eun), an ordinary office worker who has experienced a failure in love and the cells in her brain. Every cell of Yumi’s brain controls her thoughts, feelings, and actions.

According to data from AGB Nielsen Korea, the drama adaptation of Lee Dong Geon’s webtoon won the highest rating in the 9th episode, which is 2.66 percent. For those who want to watch, this drama is still airing every Friday and Saturday.


4. Bossam: Steal the Fate (2021)
Drama with another unique story material is Bossam: Steal the Fate. The drama directed by Kwon Seok Jang even won the highest rating in the last episode according to AGB Nielsen Korea, which was 9.75 percent. This gain is very far from the second episode which only reached 2 percent.

This drama is about Ba Woo (Jung Il Woo), a man who runs Bossam, a Joseon era practice of kidnapping widows and connecting them with their new husbands. One day Ba Woo accidentally kidnaps Soo Kyeong (Kwon Yu Ri) who is Gwanghae Gun’s daughter and a new widow. For those who want to watch, this drama can be watched on cable TV channels MBN and Viki.


5. Extracurricular (2020)
Although Korean dramas with school themes have often appeared, Extracurricular has a pretty fresh story. This drama is about Oh Ji Soo (Kim Dong Hee), an outstanding student and almost never gets into trouble. However, who would have thought he was involved in an illegal business related to prostitution.

This ten-episode drama is directed by Kim Jin Min, the director of the dramas Lawless Lawyer (2018) and My Name (2021). For those who want to watch, Extracurricular can be watched on the online film platform , Netflix.

Not only entertainment, the drama above also has unique story material. Besides feeling fresh, of course the drama also has its own impression for fans.

By Rama