After releasing a new single entitled That That on Friday, April 29, 2022, PSY and Suga BTS reap praise. PSY also released the single’s music video, which had over 2.2 million views in the first two hours.

Fans have flooded social media by giving appreciation and praise to PSY and Suga BTS. According monitoring on Friday, April 29, 2022, the hashtag #ThatThatFeatSUGA has also become a trending topic on Twitter in Indonesia and Worldwide.

Netizens ‘ praise for That That’s single and music video is also very diverse. One of them admired the collaboration between PSY and Suga BTS which was called extraordinary.

Yoongi Suga devoured the choreo and left no crumbs for That That, he did it so crazy!

There were also fans who praised the choreography of the That That music video. As is known, PSY’s songs are known to have music videos that present slick choreography.

This is an amazing party song, the beats, the music, the lyrics and the energy are amazing. PSY and Suga are a fun couple and they match very well, wrote a netizen.

The choreography is really cool and Suga Oh my God the rap and dance moves, That That is so good! PSY is amazing as usual! another netizen tweeted.

Suga BTS also received special attention, especially by ARMY aka BTS fans. They praised the capacity shown by Suga in this collaborative project.

As is known, Suga is not only involved as a singer in the single That That. He also acts as a producer, composer, and is involved in writing lyrics.

This did not escape the praise of the fans, and almost all of them felt proud of the idol.

His words always make me say that when he was writing songs… where did the idea come from! We all agree that he is the best producer, wrote one fan.

Yoongi Suga devoured the choreo and left no crumbs for That That, he did it so crazy! another netizen tweeted.

Yoongi I’m so proud of you! praised a netizen.

The That That music video features BTS’ PSY and Suga in cowboy-style outfits. PSY wore a classic brown and white suit, while Suga wore an ivory white suit with a leopard print shirt.

The single is included in PSY’s comeback album, Psy 9th which was also released today (29/4). This album also marks PSY’s return after the last time he released a full album 4×2=8 in 2017.

By Jaya