Rememory is a feature film starring Peter Dinklage . This film was produced by Lionsgate along with several other production houses. This film tells of a mysterious man who investigates the death of a professor making a tool to extract memories. He uses a tool called rememory to find out the truth about his past.

I made this film review for those of you who have not watched this film, or are still unsure whether this film is worth watching.

This film is a 2017 release, it airs on the Netflix website. However, as usual Dafunda #Movie always gives a warning. For those of you who don’t like story leaks or spoilers, you can close and look for other Movie content.

Synopsis Memory
Rememory was written by Michael Vulkadinovich and Mark Palansk and produced by Daniel Bekerman and Lee Clay. This film explores the death of Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan), a pioneer of science whose body was discovered shortly after the discovery of his latest masterpiece: a device capable of extracting, recording and rewinding people’s memories. Gordon’s wife, Carolyn (Julia Ormond – Mad Men, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Legends of the Fall), is confined to her home and has no contact with the outside world when a mysterious man (Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones, X-Men : Days of Future Past, The Station Agent) appears. After stealing the machine, he uses it to try to solve a mystery, starting with his memory investigation leading him to an unexpected and dangerous place.

The reason you should watch Rememory
As usual, we will provide the advantages and disadvantages of the film being reviewed. Here are some reasons why you should watch this film:

+ Interesting storyline

First we will discuss in terms of storyline. This film tells the story of a professor who makes a tool to search for memories that have been lost, then saves them and can be seen again through the tool. The story begins when Samuel Bloom and his brother, Dash drive a car at night. They sing a song together, but an unexpected event occurs. Their car crashed into another car, Sam survived but his brother died. Before he died his brother had said something but Sam did not remember what his brother said. So he tried to find a way to find out what Dash was saying.

The story continues until professor Gordon Dunn creates a device to be able to remember memories that have been erased. He introduced the device to visitors by showing some memories from one of the patients. Not long after, Gordon was seen talking to people who also participated in the experiment. He clashed and the next day, the professor was found dead. Sam felt that there was something odd about the incident and went to the professor’s wife, Carolyn, to ask a few questions.

Long story short, Sam finds out the cause of Gordon’s death like a detective. He looked at Gordon’s memory for clues with rememory. He met one by one the people associated with the development of the rememory project and several people suspected of being murderers. First he met Charles, an old World War 2 soldier. Then he went looking for a woman named Allison McCreedy, when Sam went to his house he met Allison’s sister. His brother told him that his sister had died, the bad memory that should have been forgotten made him depressed to the point of committing suicide. Sam meets with Neil Frankel, assistant to Gordon Dunn who is looking for rememory. This man is a good person, he asks Sam for help if he has information about the memory extraction device.

While investigating Gordon’s death, Sam uses his memories to unlock memories of the night of the accident. He slowly remembers what happened, but the memories are mixed with reality so that he often hallucinates about his living brother. He continued to investigate a man who was also a memory patient. This man named Todd is indicated as Gordon’s killer, but he denies doing so. He just wanted to erase the bad memories that had arisen from using the tool. He proves his testimony after Sam sees Todd’s memory the night he met Gordon.

A woman in Todd’s memory is the key to Gordon’s death. A woman named Wendy Polk turns out to have a special relationship with Gordon. Another fact is revealed, it turns out that the daughter of Gordon and his wife died. His wife could no longer conceive and Gordon was looking for an outlet. Wendy admitted that when she wanted to see Gordon, the professor was dead. He then took away the memory and wanted to take his memory back. At that time, Gordon was using his memory and storing his memories in a gold colored box. Wendy then gave the memory to Gordon’s wife.

Having got everything, Sam again uses the device to remember all the events during the accident and record his memories. He finally remembered what his brother had said. Dash continued to sing as he neared death. Sam tried to help him but couldn’t. He comes out and sees the car they hit. As it turned out, the car contained the Gordon family, along with his wife and daughter. The poor, lifeless little girl made Sam so frustrated. He ran down the street asking for help until he didn’t realize the memory was forgotten. Meanwhile, Gordon’s wife sees the reality of how her husband died. Gordon’s death was not a homicide but a completely natural one.

+ Realistic graphics
Unlike other films with the theme of futuristic tools. This film keeps the appearance of this film comfortable to watch. Moreover, memories are seen from rememory, just like we see a recording about ourselves that we took some time ago.

+ Good main character development

From the very beginning this film deals with memory. Samuel Bloom’s character really improves with the memories gained after using rememory. Shades of sadness come out so great when we see the last scene. Similar to Carolyn, Sam gives her memory so that Carolyn knows that she was the one who caused the death of her only child. But as if knowing this, Carolyn prefers not to see Sam’s memory and throws it away with Gordon’s. While staying true to the memories he shared with his son, he tries to move on with life.

Disadvantages of the movie Rememory
Every film has its own drawbacks. In our opinion, here are the shortcomings of the Rememory film:

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