Back in black.” The cinematic universe opened to the sound of ACDC and introduced Iron Man as a figurehead. 11 years and 22 films later, Marvel delivers the conclusion of a saga rich in twists and turns. If Avengers brought together for the first time our 6 superheroes on the screen, it is Endgame who has the heavy task of closing their adventures.

Infinity War hasn’t been easy on viewers, with the two-hour plus movie shaking up Marvel patterns by wiping out half of the universe. Our heroes, more accustomed to victory than to bloodshed, find themselves there more weakened than ever. Thanos snapped his fingers and a flashback doesn’t seem possible.

Evolution of the characters
If the protagonists have evolved over the course of their adventures, they have never appeared so vulnerable. Thanos’ snap damaged their heroic figure, leaving only human flaws. This new character construction is synonymous with renewal for the house of ideas. The MCU, often populated with genre archetypes, is given a new face in Endgame . Among the characters who gain depth, Thor is undoubtedly the one that stands out.

Worn by Chris Hemsworth, the character is bluffing sincerity. If Thor: Ragnarok had instilled this revival in the Norse god, Endgame signs his awakening. Even the gods are harmed. Some protagonists still struggle to find their place on the screen and find themselves unfairly relayed in the background . Captain Marvel, however announced as central does not occupy enough space to meet the expectation that its introduction aroused. Like in Infinity War , the Russo Brothers fail to fit the crowds of characters into the three hours of movies.

Thanos is hands down the strongest antagonist in the universe and his most impactful fight. Introduced in the previous film, the Mad Titan turns out to be the perfect opponent for our team. Carried by a desire for accuracy, he seems indestructible and the Avengers have never faced such an adversary. Josh Brolin perfectly embodies this scourge of humanity, both in his vulnerability and in his destructive rage. Served by an efficient CGI, the actor’s interpretation leaves you speechless. In his clash with Thor, Brolin gave us a glimpse of his talents, but he confirms his power in Endgame .

An old chorus
If in its construction the scenario sometimes fails, it takes us where we did not expect it. Not all theories in the world can prepare you for what lies ahead. Complex and yet so simple, the plot grabs us from start to finish . We quickly forget our faults and focus on only one thing: enjoying. The show is agreed upon at times, but it will delight fans of the universe and neophytes alike. If the film suffers from its hybrid form and its plot stitched with white threads, it is indeed saved by its emotional reach. We quickly dive into the universe that brings tears, gasps of surprises and shivers of excitement.

The Russo brothers treat us
The two directors are back after Infinity War and offer an extraordinary spectacle. They delivered sometimes unreadable combat scenes in Civil War but Joe and Anthony Russo have this time found their cruising speed. Even if Joss Whedon and his first Avengers had set the bar very high, they manage to provide a spectacle pleasing to the retina without actually sticking us to our seats.

We remain speechless in the face of the management of the frame by the directors, some shots are quite memorable and it is rare enough to underline it. It must be said that they knew how to surround themselves and once again called on Trent Opaloch for photography. Both in his management of light and colors, the one who has already officiated on Civil War, succeeds in creating a real atmosphere, which does not denote that introduced in Infinity War .

On the music side Alan Silvestri is making a big comeback after leaving the reins to Danny Elfman and Brian Singer in the Age of Ultron . Besides exploiting the main theme, Silvestri goes back to the origins of the characters and harnesses the Marvel musical universe with gusto. The music perfectly resonates with the plot and explores a new dimension. It adds a new consistency to the story without overshadowing it.

The House of Ideas hasn’t always harnessed digital special effects in the best way, like young Tony Stark in Civil War , but this time around it’s pretty convincing. If the setting of Wakanda appeared to be made of papier mache, some of the Endgame sets are worth a look. Most of the film being shot on a green screen, some scenes still lack realism, but in the end, the eye does not linger there, too busy with the surge of action that descends on it. In the scenes of clashes, digital special effects are at the service of the action and the Russos do not fall into the bidding. The image is pleasant to the retina without revolutionizing the genre. Close to the aesthetics of the previous film,Endgame delights more in its substance than in its form.

A long-awaited conclusion
The stake is massive. Closing a 21-movie plot is the goal of Endgame , and the Russo Brothers do it brilliantly. The feature film serves a purpose and wants to convey a message. Anything can happen, no one is immune. Sometimes falling into the clich├ęs of the genre, the film aims to completely rethink the scheme already installed. An important phase of the MCU is coming to an end, and it won’t be without tears. In its moments of humor, Endgame fundamentally delights the fans. The fan service is present, but does not come like a hair in the soup. The Russo brothers play on a sensitive chord and their passion for the universe is well established. There is only one unknown left to the Marvel equation, the future.

There’s no point in sticking around until the end of the credits, since no post-credits scene heralds the future of the MCU. We are left on our hunger, we who were used to knowing the studio schedule years in advance.

By D14N