[Review] Because That’s What It Means To Be A Hero, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

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This is an anime that is quite complicated to be summarized in just a few sentences, there are many surprises and twists from the beginning of the school life/slice-of life anime, suddenly turning sharply into mahou shoujo, and then inviting tears and despair, until Nugrahadi had to make a midseason review and became my choice as the best anime of the year!

This latest work by Takahiro IV ( Akame ga Kill! ) begins with 4 girls who are gathered in the Hero club of Sanshuu Middle School. The hero club here is a social extracurricular activity, their activity is to help people who send requests for help to them. Starting from helping the basketball team practice, entertaining children in kindergarten, to finding a new home for the cat.

All was going peacefully until one day they were chosen to fight Vertex, the enemy of Shinju-sama – their god. All members of the Hero club except Fu know nothing about this, but if a vertex manages to reach Shinju-sama, their world will be destroyed, so a battle against 12 vertices begins by applying the power of Shinju-sama.

Inubouzaki Fu
3rd grade seniors are spirited leaderseat a lothas the spirit of a leader and is a team mover, but Fu always blames himself because he is the only one who knows that they are the hero candidates who are tasked with fighting Vertex Fu is an older brother who loves his sister, even when Shinju-sama’s strength robs his sister of her dreams. , Fu was furious and almost destroyed Taisha, the people who served to serve Shinju-sama. Fu fought using a broadsword with high destructive power.

Yuuki Yuuna
Energetic 2nd grade junior high school student,His brain is lackingand very athletic. Yuuna is someone who is full of a sense of justice, making her suitable for the activities of the Hero club which can channel its energies to help people in need. Even though she sometimes pushes herself and gives really weak arguments, her straightforward nature is the source of her friends’ trust, making Yuuna the center point of the Hero club. Yuuna used her trusty fists and feet to crush the vertices.

Tougou Mimori
Yuuna’s best friend, classmate and neighbor suffers from amnesia and paraplegics, so she can’t walk and remember the events before the accident that she experienced 1 year ago. Tougou-san, because he doesn’t like being called by his name, is mature, smart, and always thinks logically. At first Tougou-san was afraid to become a Hero because of his limitations, but because he loved his best friend, Yuuna, he took up arms and fought with his friends. Tougou himself seems to really love Yuuna, often even seems to be more than a friend! Tougou usesMEGALOPOLIS chestvarious kinds of firearms to fight the vertex, ranging from sniper beam rifles, assault beam rifles to handguns.

Inubouzaki Itsuki
The younger brother of Fu, Itsuki is shy and often feels inferior to his dear brother. Itsuki actually has a very beautiful voice, but due to nervousness, Itsuki is unable to show it in front of other people. With the help of friends from the Hero club, Itsuki is able to sing with confidence and is praised by his classmates, this is also a trigger for Itsuki to find his dream, which is to become a singer. In battle, Itsuki uses weapons in the form of strong threads, capable of capturing his enemy or even destroying him as well.

Miyoshi Karin
This transfer student is actually a helper, a Hero sent by Taisha who intends to increase the strength of the Hero club. Even though she is a little strange and tsundere, over time Karin begins to open her heart and becomes one with the Hero club, in the last battle she protects Yuuna who is in turmoil, and sacrifices herself. Karin fought with a pair of swords that she diligently practiced every day.

These five junior high school students are accompanied by their respective fairies, whose job is to protect them from danger, or just become mascots in the Hero club. These fairies have an important role but ironically, they also take away one freedom from the heroes.

The Good – The surprise!
I watched this anime without knowing anything, This is the original anime, while the released PV1 and TVCM only show their school activities and Hero club social activities, and suddenly they have to become mahou shoujo to protect the world! The next few surprises are heavyweight spoilers, which I recommend you watch for yourself.