What’s scarier than going to see a horror movie is seeing a “horror” movie from acting to script like Daeng – Descendants of “Descendants of Love”

Daeng – Descendant “Descendants of Love” (Daeng Phra Khanong) is a really horror project…but not in the way you think.

Considered a sequel to the movie Love and Love , Daeng tells the story of the dead child of the same name of the female ghost Nak. Currently, Nak has escaped but left a child in the human world. Yet the people of the village did not show fear as they feared his mother. On the contrary, they also brought food to “offer” him, to avoid him becoming a wandering spirit, protecting this childish ghost. Even the villagers deliberately hid the fact that Daeng was a ghost so that he could have friends. But that secret cannot be kept for long. At the same time, a child ghost is also spreading terror to the villagers. Is Daeng metamorphosed?

It has been 9 years since The Love of the People with Predestination was introduced to viewers and left a round mark in the hearts of those who love the comedy and horror genre of the land of the golden pagoda. After a long time, viewers can remember a few basic details of the movie. Here, being able to satisfy the writer as Daeng does not depend on the audience’s mindset that has watched the first part but neglected to convey the context. Those who have not seen The Love of the Dead can still understand Daeng’s suffering in the film. But beyond this, Daeng cannot give viewers a cinematic experience worthy of their more than an hour and a half.

Daeng is clearly trying to capitalize on the past glory of the first season while keeping the set, animation, and even the funny friends model that made the laughter go on. But even if Love is a masterpiece of art, it is difficult to save the mess that took place in Daeng . It’s hard to believe that in 2022, Thai cinema is still producing such heartbreakingly bad films.

Watching Daeng ‘s story gradually unfold on the screen was a torture for the writer. The film presents itself as a short-lived project, made as if Dr. Frankenstein is resurrecting his monster with several pieces that don’t quite work together. The scenes here too, lack a smooth connection or transition, making the film feel patchy.

The story in Daeng is actually not complicated, but the writing style of the film makes it unnecessarily confusing. Having only a little over an hour and a half to tell the story, but the introduction takes up half of it with so many superfluous, rambling details that can’t focus on the problem is proof that the movie doesn’t have a script. firm hand. The time that followed made Daeng reveal many shortcomings from the circuit to the acting, making the film only leave a bad impression.

Belonging to the horror and comedy genre typical of Thailand, Daeng did not invest in any good elements. At least, Love of the Dead also leaves a love story with a beginning and a end, with Nak and Mak expressing the love between husband and wife that overcomes the division of yin and yang. But the sequel is that Daeng doesn’t even focus on what’s at its core – the ghost’s quest to find his parents or the bond between friends that can transcend the difference between the living and the undead. negative realm.

Everything in here appears superficial and lacks emphasis, as if the film has focused on exploiting the comedy pieces that forget to tell a story with a beginning, a ending, a connection and answers to questions. question that the film itself poses from the very beginning.

The humorous part could have been the highlight of this film, if it had been kept to a certain level of moderation and sophistication. That did not happen in Daeng . It’s unbelievable that there is a movie that uses a funny situation worse than the Bizarre Temple 3 released not long ago.

In here, the jokes are built from the way the station is too exaggerated, the acting is too ridiculous to the point, and the characters’ exaggerations take place with a higher frequency than even the subtle, small jokes that are often used. still effective, causing Daeng to fall into the danger zone of “funny comedy”. This absurdity can be amusing in the early stages of the film, but overused it turns into a futility that a movie that already has enough of this criticism doesn’t need anymore. The awkward acting here also doesn’t help Daeng ‘s hard-to-swallow comedies better.

The title is long and rambling but the ending plays out like a joke, without any reasonable explanation, the acting is not good and the story is also confused, in general, Daeng really can’t considered as a film that can achieve “watchable” quality.

By Yas Il