[REVIEW] Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc (Red Light District) – Is it as good as the previous rumors?

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After the first part of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba), aka Demon Slayer’s Sword ended, not only fans but the manga and anime community everywhere on earth felt sick from waiting. After a long time, about two years, after the release of the movie and mini series Mugen Train , the latest sequel was finally released with the name Entertainment District Arc (Red Light District). Therefore, today the writer will share with you my feelings in the most objective way (ignoring the part that I am a fan of this manga), whether this new season is really good and of good quality. with the first part. And the article is based on I haven’t watched the last episode but I’m so impatient that I have to write it now!

Before going into the main part, please allow me to re-introduce the overview for those of you who have not seen it. Set in a fantasy setting based on the Taisho (Dai Chinh) era of Japan, in a mountainous area where a mother and her children live peacefully. One day, big brother Tanjiro went down the mountain to sell coal to help his family as usual, because night fell, he didn’t come home until the next day. But tragedy happened, his family was slaughtered and eaten without exception.

After a period of suffering and misery, Tanjiro discovered that his sister Nezuko was still alive, but she had strange expressions, he immediately brought her to the rescue. But a strange swordsman appears to kill Nezuko because she has turned into a demon, through a dispute, out of sympathy for the two brothers, who gives advice and guides Tanjiro to a place. From there, the Kamado brothers’ journey to join the Demon Slayer Corps began. The storyline of the Red Light District will begin after the battle in the Endless Train ends…

That’s enough rambling! We return to the main issue. Different from usual, I will give the points that Demon Slayer season 3 is not yet doing well but may not be equal to the previous part. The first is the film circuit, as everyone knows, Red Light District is a rather short arc, so to fully develop a part of the film, it seems that the length of time is not very satisfactory to the audience.

So Ufotable decided to remake Mugen Train into a mini series to make up for it? Yeah, it’s pretty good, but it’s mostly old developments. But what does that have to do with the Red Light District ? Of course there is! Because in my opinion, this part has a bit of a fast tempo, rather it is a bit rushed. I know that the manga itself is shorter than most of the other shounen series, but I’m looking forward to the anime being further developed. Moreover, the movie’s fast pace and the matches are still in the final episodes, so in the previous episodes, it will give the impression that the movie seems to be a bit lengthy compared to the later developments.

The above leads to a problem that not only me, but according to the survey, there are many similar opinions, which is the unsatisfactory battles like the previous part, especially compared to Mugen Train . Because it was quite fast, except for Tanjiro and Daki’s solo battle plus Nezuko, the performances of the other characters were much shorter, creating a feeling of a dead end. And it makes viewers see that the characters have not been able to fully reveal their inherent abilities. Those are the points with which the writer personally is not great compared to the previous one.

So what about the advantages? I would like to say that it is a lot, so the fans don’t rush to throw stones. Animation first, if the first part has made us praise, this part will be overwhelming. I don’t think the studio can make it any better than before. Every detail is sharp with bright but pleasing tones, not every anime series has such great animation. So if there is a scale, I would rate it 9.5 because I can’t find a place to criticize, leave a little point because I believe the next part will be even better. As for the re-enactment of a beautiful red light district, there are too many compliments, the writer does not discuss much. This is a visual experience that any anime fan should enjoy.

Regarding the sound, as a fan of LiSA, I’m a bit sorry that I didn’t participate in this part, but Aimer’s performance is also too stable, the song also matches the content. Because the writer prefers rebellious, vibrant music with the rhythm of Japanese bass guitar and electronic music, I still prefer the opening of the previous part. But that’s not why this song is underrated.

Skip to the core. Up to now, Red Light District is the part with my favorite characters of this title, from Tanjiro group, Daki brothers to Yin Pillar and 3 wives. Although with a relatively small amount of time, they all do their roles well. Especially the Yin Pillar – Uzui Tengen, the writer’s “husbando”, how can there be an almost perfect brother, handsome, rich, pompous but also humorous, knows the difference between right and wrong, loves his wife and respects his wife. everyone’s mind.

If it is said in anime, the character who interacts with the most stability and has a constructive relationship to develop together with everyone is commendable, especially none other than him. From the Yin Pillar, we can see many of the other characters’ unrevealed personality traits, especially Zenitsu and Inosuke, young men who have never known envy and proved themselves (except for fighting). ).

Besides, the strength development of Tanjiro group also revealed more and more impressive and surprising to viewers, especially the two Kamado brothers. It’s hard to forget the scene where Nezuko feeds Daki onions and every time the solo matches of the beautiful girls make the shounen fans struggle and scream. Because the animation is so good, every time the characters launch a move, the viewer is satisfied.

In addition, the anime still has many touching scenes, something that Crocodile sensei has always been so famous for that one is pretty sure this is a female mangaka, because it brings the character’s emotions and pushes to the climax of sympathy between the audience and them. . Viewers, even if they want to hate someone, sometimes have to pause a bit, because whether it’s a human, a demon killer or a cannibal, there are pitiful corners. But since the last episode hasn’t been shown yet, I can only talk about it here! More than that, the typical humor of the anime is still evenly arranged to create a comfortable atmosphere beside the thrilling scenes to well regulate the pacing and happenings so that viewers are not bored.

In summary, although the content of the Entertaiment District Arc is still quite rushed, it shows all the core of the manga and is implemented well almost completely. So if I don’t compare it with the first part, I personally rate it as good and worth watching. Every time I think about the end of the movie and have to continue to wait and look forward to the next part, it hurts the writer more! But in conclusion, you should watch it right away, because it won’t waste your time at all!