Once again I felt the “sometimes not knowing anything is gold” moment. Maybe that’s my picture for the film Dune. The film is a remake or latest adaptation of the classic novel of the same name as the film written by Frank Herbert which was released in 1965. The information I know from the background of this film is that it was a film previously directed by David Lynch in 1984. Now the novel adaptation has a version The latest version, which is supported by far more advanced visual technologies, of course, compared to the 1984 version. Also in the director’s chair for this latest Dune version is a rather ambitious director. This is evidenced by the many ranks of players with 5-star predicate who participated in this film.


In humanity’s distant future, Duke Leto Atreides ( Oscar Isaac ) accepts the stewardship of a dangerous desert planet called Arrakis, also known as Dune, the sole source of the universe’s most precious substance, the “spice”, a medicine that can prolong human life. , providing a very high level of human thought and enabling travel at the extremely high speed of light. Although Leto learns that the opportunity is an elaborate trap set up by his enemies, Leto brings along Bene Gesserit’s concubine , Lady Jessica ( Rebecca Ferguson ), his son and heir to the throne, Paul ( Timothée Chalamet).), as well as some of Arrakis’ most trusted advisors. Leto takes over the spice mining operation, which is dangerous due to the presence of a giant sandworm. Bitter betrayal leads Paul and Jessica to Fremen, a desert interior where the native Arrakis live.


As mentioned above, watching Denis Villeneuve’s version of Dune was really my first experience with the Dune universe. Never read the novel or watched the original version. So the first half of this film really drained my attention to try to remember all the characters or planets that were introduced more than one. How vast the Dune universe is in the plot of the story. But it’s only temporary, slowly as the storyline goes, we as viewers will begin to be absorbed in the story and will slowly reminisce about movies or tv series that use this story concept. Yep, it’s very easy for us to connect Dune to the movies or tv series we watch. Dune audience is like Game of Thrones with a much grander and wider universe. And I immediately remembered reading George RR Martin’s interview that Dune was one of the inspirations for the Game of Thrones saga. At first, I was quite confused in the first half and then I started to get into the story.

After the first half, which took quite a bit of patience when we were introduced to the Dune universe, our moments as viewers began to experience the cinema experience . A moment where we are not only absorbed in the story but also presented with a visual that will only get its essence if you watch this film in theaters. Denis Villeneuve really made the most of technology to visualize Dune. Starting from the battle sequence, the chase in the air to the appearance of the sandworm are the best parts of this film. Now it makes sense that Villeneuve was on fire when he found out the film would be showing simultaneously on the HBO Max streaming service because Villneuve wanted viewers to experience the cinema experience. when watching Dune for the first time.

With a fairly long duration that is even divided into two parts, Denis Villeneuve wants to maximize exploring Dune’s entities and universe. And it can be seen with what is presented in this first part. Denis Villeneuve’s version of Dune is both a celebration and a statement that the cinematic experience will never be replaced by more sophisticated or easier access to movies via streaming. So once again, feel like watching this film for the first time in theaters. You won’t regret it.

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By Kania