Fear Street Part One: 1994 ( Leigh Janiak , 2021), Fear Street Part Two: 1978 , still directed by Janiak with a story script written by Janiak with Zak Olkewicz based on RL Stine’s Fear Street book series , will reveal deeper into the mystery of the whereabouts of a woman named Sarah Fier who in 1666 was executed for her alleged magical abilities. Set in 1978, this film introduces two brothers from the city of Shadyside, Ohio, United States, Cindy ( Emily Rudd) and Christine Berman or better known as Ziggy ( Sadie Sink ), who are attending summer camp at Camp Nightwing. Even though they are brothers, Cindy and Ziggy Berman have different ways of living their daily lives: Cindy Berman is fully focused on realizing all her dreams to get out of Shadyside while Ziggy Berman prefers to enjoy life even though he is often stuck in various problems. Their relationship then gets tested when Camp Nightwing gets terror from a masked figure who is ready to kill everyone he meets.

When compared to its predecessor film, Fear Street Part Two: 1978 appears calmer in its speech: it doesn’t rely too much on popular songs in every scene of the story, there are not many characters that demand attention or story development, and there is not much effort to bring many surprises. horror for the audience. It’s quieter, but much tidier. Fortunately, Fear Street Part Two: 1978 has no intention of reducing the intensity of the horror or the blood-soaked scenes in its presentation. Like its predecessor, Fear Street Part Two: 1978also uses inspiration from horror films with the theme of murder in a summer camp carefully. Each murder scene is well-crafted – though none as iconic as the death scene of Kate Schmidt’s character (Julia Rehwald) in Fear Street Part One: 1994 . The dynamics of the characters and the relationship that exists between them are also well developed, ranging from stories of friendship, romance, to story elements about bullying.

Fear Street Part Two: 1978 does not provide more new information about the story of Sarah Feir’s character, which is the main mystery for this film series. Even so, a number of hints are still given which, of course, is done to encourage the integrity of the story of the character which will be completed through Fear Street Part Three: 1666 which will be released next week. The script from Janiak and Olkewicz for this film itself appears quite simple. In many parts, Fear Street Part Two: 1978 focuses more on the relationship between the characters Cindy and Ziggy Berman with the romance that forms between the characters Ziggy Berman and Nick Goode ( Ted Sutherland) and the friendship between Cindy Berman’s character and Alice ( Ryan Simpkins ) is also built as a supporting story. These stories can be developed well, able to give soul to the narrative of Fear Street Part Two: 1978 so that it doesn’t just appear as a slasher who prioritizes bloody scenes, and feels convincing thanks to the appearance of the actors.

Using new talents whose faces and names may still sound foreign to most moviegoers of the world, Fear Street Part Two: 1978 still succeeds in highlighting the quality of its acting department. The rhythm of this film’s storytelling gets strong support from the performance of the cast – especially from the three main characters of the film: Rudd, Sink, and Simpkins. Sink, who often gets scenes with displays that demand strong physical and emotional presentation, is able to execute each scene very well. Overall, Fear Street Part Two: 1978is definitely a very pleasant improvement from the previous film’s presentation. More blood, more horror moments, with more convincing acting performances, and better storytelling. Impressive horror.