Actually, I wasn’t too excited when the film was announced to be released this year. It’s okay, really. But, because many people have sent pictures of tickets to watch this Disney live action movie on Instagram and many said the storytelling style is good, I couldn’t help but be curious too. Moreover, Disney movies are very famous for their visuals. So I watched this with some friends yesterday.


At first, Aladdin was just an ordinary street boy who always stole to survive. All that changes when he meets Jasmine, the daughter of the sultan of Agrabah who at that time was disguised as an ordinary person instead of spending all her time in the palace. When Aladdin is infiltrating the palace in order to return the princess’ bracelet, he is suddenly caught red-handed by Jafar, the prime minister of Agrabah who is very ambitious and wants the sultan’s throne. He told Aladdin to find a magic lamp in the Cave of Wonders. It is said that the magic lamp can grant all the wishes of those who find it. Aladdin also managed to find it. Apparently, in the magic lamp, there is a genie (Genie) who can grant three wishes to Aladdin. From there,



Another live action movie made by Disney which to me is not that disappointing. Sure, there are some parts that are not good (I’ll explain later), but overall the film is not too bad and can still be enjoyed by fans of Disney animated films from the 90s.

What impressed me with this film is that, apart from the visuals (which is no doubt, because, well, it’s Disney we’re talking about), there’s also a really good camera panning technique. From the initial song of the film (“Arabian Night”), it can be seen that this film will look really wow even though what is shown is only about the lives of ordinary people. Success gives me goosebumps, so it’s a kind of foreshadowing if the storytelling will be better even though the story is only about Aladdin. This is evident from the story that flows naturally, making this film enjoyable.

This movie is really funny too! The only Disney live action film that can make me laugh out loud because of the super funny behavior of Aladdin and Genie (especially Genie). Will Smith’s acting as a Genie reminded me of his role in the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where he was very funny. The already hilarious Genie figure is even more hilarious because of Will Smith. Indeed, on the Ellen show, Will Smith once said that his version of Genie could not possibly match the (late) Robin Williams version, so he created his own interpretation of Genie. It’s not wrong, it’s even more funny. The humor presented here is also very fresh.

However, in this film, Genie is not the only one who managed to steal the audience’s attention with his hilarious actions. Princess Jasmine’s characteristics are also added in this version; In the 1992 animated film, Princess Jasmine isn’t very active and doesn’t really say what’s on her mind about her father’s decision to marry her off to a prince from the middle of nowhere. Here, the figure of Princess Jasmine became even stronger. Here, Princess Jasmine becomes an active princess and wants to clearly convey what she wants through her dialogues and through the new song in the film, entitled “Speechless.” In this sequence, the audience can feel Jasmine’s desire to live more than just being a princess, but to become a rightful heiress to the throne who is educated, wants to understand her people, and doesn’t want to be restrained. because the most important thing is not marriage, but the happiness of the people is the main thing. Props to Naomi Scott who successfully brought the figure of Princess Jasmine well.

Oh yes, about the additional characterizations of the characters in this film, it’s good. Mena Massoud can perform the role of Aladdin well and make Aladdin seem real (plus point is, he is very similar to Aladdin, ehehehehe). The new supporting character in this film, Dalia, also succeeded in making the audience burst into laughter. But, more than that, Dalia is also the most realistic character. More than that, everything is fine.

Although some of the songs in this film were successfully performed with majestic nuances that made the audience love the scene (“Arabian Night”, “Prince Ali”, “One Jump Ahead”), the rendition of the final song in this film was not optimal for me. If people watch Aladdin, it won’t be complete without the A Whole New World scene. The remix of the song is not that good, the 1992 one is better. It looks more classic, original, and makes the audience want to experience a new world with Aladdin and Jasmine (#eak). The rendition of this year’s version of the song, which is like a pop band in the middle of the song, makes me think that this is not good enough. Well, at least the soundtrack version brought by Zayn Malik and Zhavia is good. The combination of classic and modern elements is obtained.

In conclusion, although this film is still lacking when compared to the animated film version, this film can entertain the audience successfully. Suitable for family entertainment in the middle of the Lebaran holiday this year. Funny and entertaining, what could we ask for more, right?

Oh right, a whole new rendition of A Whole New World.

By Kania