Starting from an invitation from my aunt to watch The Avengers in 2012 in IMAX format at Gandaria City XXI, I fell in love with this movie franchise. At first I thought it would be just entertainment, apparently since then it has become a part of my life too. I’m not even lying to you, I kid you not. I’m starting to get into the comic and film fandom, and honestly, it has great impacts too.

And… well, like the things that are in this world; that which exists will be gone, that which meets will part, and that which begins must surely end. The Avengers are not immune to these things either. Ever since the Avengers story began 7 years ago, and 11 years have passed since the first MCU began with the Iron Man story, here comes the long-awaited final episode.

This film is very hype in Indonesia; people bought advanced ticket sales at 12 pm the week before and made excuses to go to the cinema at 5 am just to watch the continuation of the story of Steve Rogers cs. That’s crazy. Finding a seat is also difficult in regular broadcasts. Actually I also want to watch it on weekdays, but because I’m afraid I don’t have friends, so I went with my cousin to watch this movie on a sunny Saturday.

Anyway, it’s a shame to miss the end of the story.


The Avengers lost badly. After Thanos snapped his fingers and erased the life of some of the creatures in this universe, life on planet Earth felt lonely. Indeed, life still continues, but not with the life of Steve Rogers cs. They knew they had to turn things around as quickly as possible, no matter what the cost. With the help of allies, both old and new, the Avengers began trying to fix this situation.

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[Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.]

Oh yes, why did I make the above synopsis as short as possible? The answer is… well, because the real spoilers will be in this section. Anyways, if you want to explain everything, it’s going to be too long and wordy, so I’d better keep it simple.

Okay, back to the review.

Avengers: Endgame was the final chapter that left me speechless. Just…. wow. This film successfully made me feel like I was watching The Avengers again. It’s like meeting up with fun and memorable old friends, and wanting to stay with them, even though we know we can’t. The plot is okay, although it’s a little different than I imagined. The ending didn’t disappoint me at all. I like more bittersweet endings like this, by the way. Although many say this ending is more “bitter” or bitter, I think the portion is just right. Everything goes well together, not too bitter but not too sweet either.

On the other hand, this film has also answered almost all the questions and concerns of fans well. Can also offer one scenario that makes me wonder; what if the superheroes go back in time and can start all over again with an alternate timeline? This concept is indeed offered by Marvel films from the next studio (read: X-Men: Days of Future Past), and has an impact on their next films. I am being curious. Indeed, it is said that this film is the last to feature the original members of the Avengers team, and they are also central figures in several films. But, do you think there are people who are curious and want to explore life in alternate timelines? Maybe, we’ll just have to see.

Like other Marvel Studios films, the audience is again presented with slick visual effects. In this film, the visual effects have a special meaning of their own. Whereas in other films it is usually used to make a scene (usually a battle scene) more intense and tense, in this film, the visual effects are not only used for that. Visual effects in this film are also used to really build the tension that should exist in the final battle scene and also so that the audience can get more involved in this battle. You get the feeling, you get the emotion too. It’s really great. In my opinion, this is how visual effects should be used in films. If used optimally like this, believe me, the results will be really good.

Another plus point of this film is the music. As we know, Tony Stark experienced a pretty great character development in this film, as far as sacrificing himself for the survival of his friends. Alan Silvestri’s music composition, entitled The Real Hero, successfully touched me when I saw Tony’s funeral scene. I see, many also cry in the cinema studio because of this score. However, this is proof that the music is also good, successfully making the audience live the film.

Overall, the film was good, lived up to my (and, I guess, other Marvel fans) expectations. All elements in this film are used optimally and fulfill their purpose to be used in a film as well as possible. The story is okay, and this film also successfully wraps all the films from the MCU well. The buildup is not in vain. The ending successfully touched me and made me think that this was the best ending I could hope for for the Avengers team. I can’t ask for a better ending than this one.

There’s only one drawback, plot holes. There is one question that haunts me from 2012 until now. What really went down in Budapest for Natasha and Clint?

Lastly, props to all of the staffs and actors who have worked hard to make these films—and especially, this film—so special to us fans. Really, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being my inspiration and part of my life until now. And, most of all, I wanna thank the original six members of Avengers, Nick Fury, and of course, the greatest of them all, Stan Lee. Thank you for introducing me to this whole wonder right here. Without you guys, I would never know Marvel comics and films, and I don’t have much inspiration. Anyway, thank you very much.

By Kania