“Wouldn’t it be nice to hold a ghost wedding and live happily ever after in the afterworld?”

Short film made by Park Chan-wook, who is famous in the cinema world with his works such as ‘Oldboy’ (2003), ‘Thirst’ (2009) and ‘Handmaiden’ (2016), has now released his latest

This film was just released on February 20 yesterday, with a duration of 21 minutes 31 seconds which was uploaded on YouTube. Uniquely, this famous director uses Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone 13 Pro to make his short film.

‘Life is But a Dream’ tells the story of two ghosts, who were respected in the village during their lifetime, fighting over a coffin as the final resting place of their bodies. With a setting in an ancient South Korean village, this film carries several genres at once in a short duration.

On a dark night, a villager stole a coffin from an old grave of a warrior. His action provoked the spirit of the approach to rise and want to kill the old man. However, he begs to be forgiven for the important reason that prompted him to steal the swordsman’s coffin.

The theft was based on a sense of responsibility to return the favor to a woman who was very instrumental in the village she lived in. The woman known as the White Marten, managed to save the villagers from the entanglements of the loan shark forest.

Then the warrior decides to reclaim his coffin and engages in a long feud with the spirit of the White Marten.

A combination of several genres in a short duration

Director Park takes advantage of the freedom he has in working on short films, one of which is the flexibility to combine various genres. There are romantic nuances, comedy, martial arts, musical elements as well as traditional Korean music narration in it. He admits that he can’t find this kind of flexibility when working on feature films.

iPhone 13 Pro camera cinematography details

The second unique thing after the multi-genre that Park Chan-wook carried in ‘Life is But a Dream’ was the shooting of scenes that only used a smartphone. This is not the first time he has made a film using a smartphone , but this time he has collaborated with Apple in making it.

It uses the camera features provided by this latest iPhone, namely iPhone 13 pro cinematic mode, night mode, optical image stabilization, ultra-wide camera and macro video. The combination of the features just now manages to produce stunning cinematics that are very clean, as superior as the quality of films shot using a camera.

Park Chan-wook seemed to take advantage of all the features accompanied by certain tricks to be able to capture scene after scene with extreme and beautiful detail.


The martial arts fantasy film made by Park Chan-wook managed to display stunning details with the iPhone 13 Pro device. The collaboration of the two is able to show the great quality of this well-known brand as well as prove Park Chan-wook’s ability as a famous South Korean director.

Don’t forget to watch ‘Life is But a Dream’ on Youtube!

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