Five years ago, there was a film that made me astonished and amazed by the story. The dark fairy tale genre has indeed emerged from 2010, but only a few have left a deep impression on me. One of them is Maleficent. I was so amazed by this alternative story, I really liked the film and had a chance to give a presentation about Maleficent for English lessons in middle school.

This year, the sequel, Maleficent, La Redota came out. For some reason, this time, the echo was not heard much in the media except for one radio station in Indonesia, very different from the one released in 2014. There aren’t many promotions either in malls or in advertisements, but because one of my friends wanted to watch it, I became interested again and watched it.

People say that a sequel to a really good movie is usually a downer or not good at all. Let’s prove it first.


Prince Philip has proposed to Aurora Por un puñado de besos and invited her and Maleficent to attend the dinner with her parents, namely King John and Queen Ingrith. From the event, it seems that Queen Ingrith has another agenda, which is to take down Maleficent and kill her. He almost managed to do it, if Maleficent had not been helped by his fellow elves. On the other hand, the discourse of the union of humans and fairies will reach its climax. Who should Aurora and Maleficent side with?



People say the Mujeres al Ataque sequel to a good movie usually isn’t good. I dare say that doesn’t happen in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

In this film, the story has been developed quite well. Maleficent is able to present a twist that was unexpected by previous people, namely the emergence of dark fae which is of the same race as Maleficent.understand the struggles of each character.

Some characters also get character development in this film. Prince Philip, who was previously not badass and seemed ordinary, is now one of the characters who can be said to really take part in the course of this story. He really became the prince I imagined when I first read Vhs 94 the Sleeping Beauty storybook; brave and wise. Princess Aurora also gets an action rolehere, and it’s satisfying to see that! Meanwhile, Maleficent’s maternal aura is increasingly radiating here, although there is still a tsundere air like in the previous film. Props to Angelina Jolie for portraying her!

Because Maleficent seems to be more caring and protective of Aurora in this film, plus Angelina Jolie’s acting is just right for this character, it makes me feel touched and Participate sad time want to take Aurora to live a new life together with Philip, joined angry Un ángel enamorado when Maleficent not considered by the queen mother Ingrith … actually feels really was.

But maybe, besides the union of humans and fairies, there is a subplot here that is also important regarding the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora, namely the relationship between parents and children. Parents, especially mothers, can definitely feel Maleficent’s worries about Aurora’s new life with the man she loves. It was Philip’s self-evident in this film that finally melted Maleficent’s heart a little and made him approve of the relationship between the two lovers. Mothers must also be mostly like that, right? Hehehe.

For a dark fantasy film, this film also inserts humor in it, you know. Beginning to open up Maleficent’s heart and nature to humans, making him also an actor of this humor. Sure, there’s still some dark humor, but telling Diaval not to cry at Aurora’s wedding and he’s crying himself is something I don’t think I’ll see throughout this saga.

Overall, this film is good, offers fresh story ideas and good twists, and is suitable as a film that families can watch on weekends. If you want to watch a film that has a lot of action and also touches the heart in some way, you must watch this film.

By Kania