One of the things that made me think that Avengers: Endgame would end well (because it’s Hollywood, they hate bad endings there) was the announcement of Marvel films after that. He said, after Endgame, there will be a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Well, even so, it still makes me impatient to watch the continuation of the story of Peter Parker cs.


At first, Peter Parker wanted to relax for a moment from his duties as a super hero mainstay of New York City and also the world. By going to summer camp in Europe with Ned, MJ, Flash, and the rest of his schoolmates, Peter hopes he can refrain from his alter-ego, Spider-Man, and live like a normal schoolgirl out on the road. Unexpectedly, suddenly at the place where he was traveling, an Elementals monster appeared. Fortunately, the creature can be defeated by someone named Mysterio. However, from there, Peter was summoned by Fury and Agent Hill to participate in eradicating this Elementals monster with Mysterio. Can he do his job well?



I’ve never watched Inception before, because people say it’s a dream within a dream, and I’m sure it’s gonna fuck me up.

I like how the director and the crew who worked on this film can package this story well and neatly. The plot flows well, just right, nothing more and nothing less. The characterization is also good; MJ’s character looks very developed here. While in Homecoming MJ is a woman who seems a bit careless and outspoken, here the blunt side is still there, but apparently there’s more to Michelle Jones. Smart, kind, but on the one hand he also proves that he can also be a character who cares about Peter. I like Zendaya because of this. Hehehe.

However, what I want to appreciate here is how the promotion team carries out their duties properly and neatly while working with the story writers. In many other Spider-Man promotional trailers and advertisements, it is described that Mysterio is a hero who will work with Peter to eradicate the Elementals monsters. Apparently not only Mysterio managed to trick Peter cs, Mysterio also managed to trick the audience. Maybe, Marvel comics fans already know that Mysterio is actually a villain. But, for the layman, it can be very misleading. Imagine if you are a layman who doesn’t really follow Marvel comics or the MCU series, then you think that Mysterio is the same as Spider-Man. After you watch the movie and finally know the plot twist,

Yes, it’s no more surprising than Sugar Plum Fairy in Disney’s Nutcracker film last year, but I still feel like I’ve been lied to. Especially with the “power” possessed by Mysterio, you will definitely feel that you are really being played with by Mysterio and the Marvel promotion team all-out. Kudos to the promotion team, marketing team, and also to the story writers. You’re the best.

And, spoiler alert, the ending of the film is also a really plot twist. You wouldn’t have thought that Fury and Agent Hill were actually Talos and Soren (the Skrull aliens that Captain Marvel wanted to save) in disguise? Ah, I feel sorry for Peter. I mean, apart from his friends, his aunt, and Happy, it felt like everything that attacked him and helped him was fake. It’s okay, the important thing is that Peter cs is safe.

Besides the double trickery, I’m also glad that in the midst of this chaos, there is still a subplot that tells about Peter and his efforts to win MJ’s heart. Indeed, in the last film there was also a subplot like this. The difference, this time, is really emphasized that behind the mask of Spider-Man, Peter is just an ordinary young man who needs love and affection, like other teenagers in this world. So, the feeling of the schoolchildren gets, the feeling of the superhero is also very good.

Oh yes, one more. This sci-fi is very different from the sci-fi films I’ve seen before. Whereas the past sci-fi films only emphasized aspects of advanced technology in the future, in this film the technological aspect is further deepened and also conveys morals to the audience. With such advanced technology, Mysterio has managed to trick many people by making them think that Elementals monsters really exist and making Peter think that he was saved by Fury before returning to his illusion. Such drone technology would obviously be scary if it could be realized in the real world. But, through this advanced technology, I believe there is a message behind it.

As Mysterio said, “They will believe anything.” Indonesian people are still easily swayed by hoax news. With today’s sophisticated technology, people can use it freely. Many people abuse it too. Something that didn’t really happen or something that was actually trivial could be exaggerated by other people to get attention, or for whatever reason that is their goal.

You should know what the message is from here.

Overall, this film is good, funny, very entertaining, but there is also a moral message that can be taken. Very suitable for you superhero movie lovers or MCU followers like me who like this kind of fresh story.

By Kania