Since it was first announced that Makoto Shinkai is working on a new anime film project, I’ve been excited and can’t wait for it. What kind of story will Shinkai-sensei bring this time? Does this film have as emotional a story as Your Name, or maybe go beyond it? Will it be good? These questions popped up in my head.

All of that was apparently answered when it was announced that Shinkai-sensei’s new project, entitled Tenki no Ko or Weathering with You, would be shown in Japanese cinemas, and would soon appear in Indonesian cinemas. Anime / manga / Japanese fans must be very enthusiastic to hear this news and want to watch the film immediately, including me. I let alone.

So I watched this film with a very magical premise with my two friends. Maybe I’ll watch it a second time with my college friends, but if that’s the case it’s only a matter of time.


Hodaka Morishima is just an ordinary high school boy who is running away from his home on the island to the city of Tokyo. While in Tokyo, he had hard days because he never got a job. In the midst of that despair, he meets a girl named Hina Amano who gives him food. Unexpectedly, apparently Hina is an amazing girl who can control the weather, which is to stop the rain and make the weather clear again when Tokyo is experiencing a prolonged rainy season. Roughly, what will the story of the two of them be like?



To my surprise, unlike the previous Makoto Shinkai films, I didn’t cry at all while watching this film. Even so, it is undeniable that this film still has an emotional element that touches the hearts of many viewers and makes the audience drift away and, perhaps, confused their hearts through good visual presentation techniques and supporting songs (soundtrack).

Although the supernatural theme is not new to Shinkai-sensei, he never fails to present a story that is fresh and different. If in the film Your Name the theme is exploring time which is bridged by a belief “a common thread” that can unite all creatures on earth, here the theme is weather which is complemented by belief in the relationship between earth and sky, and the balance between them. These themes make the story of each film varied and the pattern of the storyline doesn’t seem boring, that’s all, it’s not easy to predict.

The interaction between the characters is also very beautiful here. It seems, all the characters have a relationship and create a bond that is very difficult to break. If one of them is released, maybe the story will not be the same and definitely have a different ending. You must have read/watched a work and you feel, if for example this character is released, there will be no significant influence on the story. Here, things are not like that. All the characters, through their respective roles, build each other’s stories, making it an interesting and okay story.

Another aspect of the story and style of presentation, Shinkai-sensei never fails to deliver. Through top animation quality, beautiful visuals, and supportive songs in every scene, I think Shinkai-sensei has succeeded in telling this story well through the medium of film. You get the message, you get all the emotions, and… anyway, it feels really emotional.

I also want to take my hat off to the voice cast behind the characters in this film. Although some voice actors have no doubts about their abilities, there are still those who doubt the abilities of the two main characters, namely Kotaro Daigo (voiced by Hodaka) and Nana Mori (voiced by Hina), because they are apparently newcomers to this industry. However, for newcomers, their voice acting skills are already very good and extraordinary. They are able to communicate the feelings of each character well through their voices, so the audience also feels what they are feeling. Especially for Daigo-san; His voice acting as Hodaka in the latter half of the film succeeded in making me emotional. Great.

As for the visuals, I don’t want to say much more. You have to watch this film yourself so you know the quality of the anime and the visual effects used are very good. All of these “tools” are useful in helping this style of storytelling. Without a doubt, Shinkai-sensei’s animated films have excellent visuals.

Radwimps, who returned to the Shinkai-sensei project and assisted in creating the appropriate soundtrack for the film, also never fails to deliver. The songs they perform in this film feel even more solid and suitable to be heard in certain scenes. In addition to making the audience not feel bored while watching this film, the soundtrack songs can also make the audience more immersed in the story, and can even animate it as well.

Anyway, all aspects of this film, namely visual effects, good animation, soundtrack that supports, and interactions of the characters in the film, are very good and have been used as much as possible to be able to bring this story as well as possible.

Oh yes, one more. The cameo appearances of the previous film’s characters (including Taki and Mitsuha) were unexpected, but impressed some viewers. It feels so nostalgic, making the audience wonder, “Actually, what is the fate of these two lovebirds?”

Overall, this film is really good. With unquestionable animation quality, a supportive soundtrack, and a new and fresh story, this film is perfect to watch with family, friends, or even a couple or crush on the weekends. Highly recommended for those of you who want to find friends who are excited too. If you watch it yourself, that’s okay. This film is enough to be your friend.

By Kania