Those of you who grew up or were born in the 1990s are certainly no stranger to the Home Alone film series , starring Macaulay Culkin. Moreover, the two Home Alone films starring Culkin are always shown on TV during school holidays. Well, did you know that there were actually four other Home Alone films released after Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)?

Disney+ Hotstar has even just released the sixth Home Alone film , entitled Home Sweet Home Alone . Unlike the first two Home Alone films which focused on Kevin McCallister’s story, Home Sweet Home Alone features a new character named Max Mercer, played by Archie Yates.

Home Sweet Home Alone tells the story of a boy named Max Mercer who was supposed to go to Tokyo with his family during the Christmas holidays. But on the D day of his departure, Max accidentally left alone at home. While at home alone, a husband and wife try to sneak into Max’s house.

A Failed Comedy Forced to Be a Home Alone
Home Alone is always synonymous with the plot of a child who is left alone and then faces the bad guys with his smart wits. Home Sweet Home Alone also uses a formula that is almost similar to its predecessor. However, there are several new aspects in the Home Sweet Home Alone story that are made slightly different from Culkin’s version of Home Alone .

Although there are slight changes to the story aspect, Home Sweet Home Alone still doesn’t forget the slapstick comedy elements that characterize this film series. Unfortunately, the use of slapstick comedy in Home Sweet Home Alone actually looks cruel and outrageous. Instead of being funny, you are actually made to feel sorry for the trouble experienced by the criminals.

Apart from its slapstick comedy problems that look cruel, Home Sweet Home Alone can also be said to have failed to become a comedy film. Many dry jokes thrown by the characters. This is further exacerbated by the unclear direction of the story. The audience cannot be made to sympathize with Max Mercer, the boy who is the main character in this film.

The villain actually looks better than the protagonist

In the two Home Alone films , Culkin’s version, Kevin McCallister is faced with two people who have evil intentions to rob. That’s why, the audience was relieved when Kevin managed to make the two robbers in trouble with his trap. However, in Home Sweet Home Alone , the audience felt sorry for the trouble experienced by the villain.

To make it look different from Culkin’s version of Home Alone , the two Home Sweet Home Alone villains , namely husband and wife Jeff and Pam McKenzie, are not made as characters who only have a motive to rob.

Jeff and Pam weren’t really robbers either. They try to sneak into Max’s house because they think Max took their precious doll. Instead of listening, Max continued to attack Jeff and Pam.

Due to the background of this story, the audience is even annoyed when they see Max always torturing Jeff and Pam with various traps. As a result, Max is seen as a bad boy who prevents Jeff and Pam from improving their lives.

Unfortunately, the storyline of this film actually backfired for Max, the main character. Max couldn’t evoke sympathy from the audience, as Kevin McCallister did.

Cameos and References from Culkin’s Overworked Version of Home Alone

Anyone would agree that Culkin’s version of Home Alone is the best in the Home Alone franchise . 20 th Century Studios, the studio that worked on Home Sweet Home Alone , is clearly aware of this fact. The proof is that they feature cameos and references that hint that Home Sweet Home Alone is in the same universe as Culkin’s version of Home Alone .

Remember Kevin’s brother, Buzz McCallister? Well, the adult version of Buzz who has become a cop made a cameo in Home Sweet Home Alone . The actor who used to play Buzz, namely Devin Ratray, was also invited to enliven this film.

At the time of his appearance, Buzz also briefly mentioned Kevin’s name and seemed still annoyed with his sister. Kevin is told as the inventor of the alarm used in Max’s house. It’s clear that 20 th Century Studios pushed too much into Culkin’s Home Alone references in Home Sweet Home Alone . Why don’t they just present Kevin instead of just mentioning his name?

Home Sweet Home Alone is proof that film studios should not be desperate to make films based on classic franchises that have made an impression on many people’s hearts. It’s better for you to go back to watching Culkin’s version of Home Alone than to be disappointed with Home Sweet Home Alone .

However, if you are still curious about this film, you can watch Home Sweet Home Alone on Disney+ Hotstar starting November 12, 2021. For those who have watched it, what do you think about this film?

By Raufs