The technology that exists today is petrified for education and can also create gains and losses in today’s world of education.

The following will explain the positive and negative impacts of technology in education.

Technology is introduced almost every year and it seems that we are on the way to making our life easier and more convenient. Education, which is a reflection of the development of society and is the foundation stone of the nation’s future, has undergone drastic changes in the last fifty years.

Very helpful for the learning process itself, faster and easier to access.
The functioning of the virtual classroom, which makes it very easy for students to communicate with each other with the teacher with a face-to-face system.

Facilitate business systems and administrative activities in an educational institution because of its implementation.

Such as the Internet network, Lab. School Computers and others. The impact of this is that the teacher is not the only source of knowledge, so that students in learning do not need to be too fixated on the information taught by the teacher, but can also access subject matter directly from the Internet, therefore the teacher here is not only a teacher, but also a teacher. as a student mentor to direct and monitor the course of education, so that students are not misguided in using Information and Communication Media in learning.

With the advancement of technology, new methods are created that make students able to understand abstract material, because the material with the help of technology can be made abstract, and can be understood easily by students.

The learning system does not have to be face-to-face. So far, the learning process that we know is that learning is delivered only face-to-face, but with technological advances, the learning process does not have to bring students together

The existence of an assessment data processing system that uses technology utilization. In the past, when people did research, to analyze the data that had been obtained, they had to be analyzed and calculated manually. However, after the development of science and technology, all tasks that used to be done manually and took a long time have become something that is easy to do, namely by using technological media, such as computers, which can process data by utilizing various programs that have been installed.

Meeting the need for educational facilities can be met quickly. In the field of education of course many things and materials that must be prepared, one example, namely; Doubling Exam questions, with the existence of a photocopy machine, to meet the need for a large number of questions, of course, takes a long time to do it manually.

In view of the negative impact of technology in education:

There are various kinds of sites that are not educational, and make users damaged or influenced by their minds, such as porn sites, gambling and so on.

Making users lazy on the other hand, due to the sophistication of this technology, thus making users lazy in activities to help parents.
Criminal acts, such as Cybercrime where this crime is committed by someone through the medium of this internet technology, thus printing a generation that is knowledgeable but has low morale.

The emergence of mass media, especially electronic media as a source of knowledge and a center of knowledge that is misused by students.

By Arkha