Because Insidious: The Last Key (Chapter 4) – even though it seems like a connection – is more suitable to be called a flashback . Cool language, prequel . Actually it doesn’t match number four, but that’s okaybecause Star Wars just likes to number the films.

This film tells the story of the origin of Elise Rainier . That’s right, it’s Elise who likes to play with the ghost. As my pity for you, I will review this film with FULL SPOILER!

Insidious IV begins during the colonial period RICENazis, where the death penalty using the electric chair still applies. In an old house, there lived an unhappy family. They live near the place of punishment. It’s like a change of fate setting , right?

Elise Rainier is a girl who is blessed with the talent of being able to communicate and see creature familyinvisible. Renai Lambert , Elise’s mother, believes in her son’s abilities and always protects him. Meanwhile, Gerald Rainier , the father, was annoyed by the talent. And lastly, Christian Rainier is the younger brother who has a whistle. However, the whistle disappears just as Christian is about to use it.

The first few minutes are boring, isn’t it, it’s normal how Elise starts interacting with demons asked for his cellphone number, his match and where he lived (?). When Elise is in the basement, a tense atmosphere begins and here the sound effects are really big, so they are shocked before they get scared. The name is also a horror film, yes, there must be some surprises, it is thought that Doraemon will come out of the door. Eh, but it’s really annoying here, the mother knows that it’s dangerous, but she still goes down to the scary basement , she’s killed by the devil.

Also, why is this devil picking up a whistle and blowing a whistle that directs him to the basement, just saying here, my grandmother in the basement has someone tied up. If that’s the case, it’s easy to just call the police and medics to help.

Elise is back in the house again, guys!! You know what he’s doing, just look for the devil. It’s true that if it’s an outside horror film, the demon is searched for and assisted. I’ve definitely been looking for it from the basement again, in a small basement like that suddenly there is a disposal room or something like a rat’s path. Inside are clothes and a suitcase, flashbacks about the owner of the suitcase. The whole cinema was even excited with a tense atmosphere, because Elise continued to a further place, another suitcase was found, of course the rest of the bones were in the suitcase. With curiosity curious, he continued to another suitcase, it was a figure ex a demon who has a key at his fingertips comes to surprise Elise and takes Elise away.

The unconscious Elise was taken out of the place, and Imogen started trying to become su p er girlexplorer of the spirit realm, because you have to save the main character, you have to go. It’s easy, just count 1-5 and don’t move. In the spirit realm he meets a kind demon and is helped to show the way to where Elise is.

Imogen sees action domestic violencewhere the son beats his own father. Imogen who saw the action live up in armstrying to resuscitate Elise who is under demon control. Now, after Elise realized that she was trying to fight the devil, I guess you already guessed the result, how Elise lost, and that beautiful girl was caught, bro, I’m sad. But Elise negotiated a deal with the demon, to exchange her soul for the spirits of the two girls, and the demon agreed. Satan locked Elise’s voice and was about to proceed to the second lock, on the other hand Imogen saw a whistle, out of nowhere there was a whistle falling, still remember it was a whistle to call his mother, the whole movie theater shouted “Blow the whistle, hurry, die!” here Elise’s father comes like a horse prince but it’s useless, it’s not his level, it’s his father. And Elise got the whistle then blew it the whistle. And here comes a figure of Elise’s mother immediately casting out the demon with a lamp (?), There’s no cooler weapon like that. The demons just disappeared, because they were lost in the dark realm.

Her mother advised Elise, keep helping others with your talents. Elise looked for the door that she entered earlier and it turned out that she had the wrong door and met the figure of a small child who went up the stairs and walked away. Eh, the door didn’t even close, she thought it was automatic, apparently that’s the origin of the demon who chased Dalton in Insidious 1. Finally they found Melisa’s place, Elise and Imogen instantly returned to their respective bodies. After that Elise decided to always help people in such trouble and tried not to be afraid. Elise dreams that an evil spirit is following Dalton. Elise wakes up from her dream and gets a call from Loraine, who says that her granddaughter is having the same problem as before.

Yes , that’s all for the spoiler .
Create a storyline, don’t worry. Many say that in chapter 4 it will be explained where the red-faced demon came from but it is not answered (?), then to explain what Elise was like in her youth, everything is complete even to close the ending very neatly. The exorcism is just normal, nothing special like before with many communication tools or exorcism, and just like that, there’s no good exorcism, what do you expect Elise to be able to cast spells out of lightning or fire (?) so don’t expect very good things for her. this horror movie. Overall , for the final assessment, the sound effect is really big, so it’s shocking first and then scary.

By Kania