Do you know what is happening in France today? Yes, a superhero movie is coming out in theaters. And not just any. This is Avengers 3. Oh no, Justice League, excuse me. DC therefore intends to expand its universe a little more with an event film, announced several years ago and which brings together, excuse the little: Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. After the very disappointing Batman vs Superman and the most interesting Wonder Woman, the film had to launch, once and for all, a franchise that still has a lot to prove in the cinema. A successful test?

Before starting to talk about the film, we must recall the incidents that shaken its production. Justice League is a Zack Snyder film, it’s written in black and white during the opening credits. Despite the departure of the American director in full filming, because of personal problems , it has always been assured that his successor, Joss Whedon (Avengers 1 & 2), had “respected his vision” . In fact, you will understand that this is not the strict truth.

A first part in the form of disillusion
The feature film is set a few days after Batman vs Superman. Bruce Wayne, fundamentally changed by the events portrayed in this same film (notably the death of Superman), knows that a new enemy, of rare power, is about to devastate planet Earth. He then continues his recruitment and tries, with the help of his new ally Wonder Woman, to convince three new people with extraordinary powers. Along with Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash, they form a team that just might save the world. But are they strong enough to take down the demonic Steppenwolf?

What jumps out quickly when you first watch this Justice League is how much darker Zack Snyder has on the superhero movie than eternal rival Marvel. And he does not budge. He absolutely wishes to continue in the right line of what has been implemented so far, even if it means continuing to surf on his mistakes with Batman vs Superman. If we appreciate that the treatment of the characters is a little more adult than in the competition, we must be careful not to get the brushes tangled. And it is this impression that dominates during the first part of the feature film. Snyder wants to introduce us to tortured heroes and bring out the human weaknesses that plague them all. And this weight interferes with the setting up of the scenario.

If we can appreciate that everything is not linked at breakneck speed, sometimes marking some misunderstandings, we still regret that we are presented too insistently “team spirit”. In the middle of all this, it is Batman who takes the poster. And again, the treatment given to his character is puzzling. If we understand that the man, who is portrayed to us as in reconstruction, old and inevitably close to leaving, can be bitter, we appreciate less the ambient pessimism that surrounds him. And this is where the director’s big mistake lies: wanting at all costs that his heroes find themselves in a way out of mental agony that they will lack.

Adrenaline takes over
the superheroes finally succeed in capturing our attention. If this is what we expected from the start, we are satisfied to see that the film finally becomes a real blockbuster that fills the eyes.

The surprisingly forgettable scenario is quickly put aside in order to make welcome adjustments. The dark side that totally served Justice League is somewhat forgotten to finally turn into an unbridled film, fun and even very funny. If we can legitimately evoke the reshoots made in Joss Whedonwhich had been mentioned several months ago, we think above all that a global awareness has been made. At the end, Zack Snyder then transformed his production into a classy and thrilling work that we appreciate to follow the treatment. In its last half hour, the film then connects the scenes of action of excellent quality and jokes at all costs. We are pleasantly surprised to laugh at the well-felt sentences of our heroes while being impressed by the situations that develop before our eyes. The special effects in this Justice League are otherwise of excellent quality, perhaps even the best seen so far in a DCEU movie.

It is also appreciated that special care has been taken in the photography of the film, which unpretentiously wants more than height, especially when it comes to presenting open sets. Of course, we find this obsession with dark colors, especially black and gray, which often take precedence over the rest. This has the undeniable advantage of highlighting the heroes and immersing them even better in the adventure we are told.

As for the characters precisely, and their interpreters, we note above all the excellent Flash surprise embodied by the talented Ezra Miller. This hero, whose importance we do not yet suspect, adds a spicy and touching side to a film that was so badly needed. Barry Allen, whose real name is, is extraordinarily funny, even though he is irremediably reminiscent of Marvel’s Quicksilver and the treatment he has been given. Wonder Woman and the sublime Gal Gadot continue on similar notes from their previous feature film while Ben Affleck’s Batman disappoints a bit. Wanting too much to make him the “leader” of the group, Snyder has burned him a bit and overexposed him. Pity. Aquaman played by Jason Momoa plays him above all on his charisma and his stature. Finally, Cyborg, played on screen by Ray Fisher is fair enough,

By D14N