Five years after a pivotal role in cinema, Justice League is out in a version of the Snyder Cut that fans and directors claim. An event that begs the question, do you expect a completely different film or a simple correction?

In 2017, Justice League came out in pain because of results that fell short of expectations, fans, and studios. It has to be said that director Zack Snyder has landed along the way, being replaced by Joss Whedon in a modest execution. The result is a sick film, patched up on all sides, without much overall coherence. What motivated the fans to push Warner again and again to release the film in its original version. A desire driven by information skillfully filtered by a Snyder seeking revenge. Five years, 70 million more and several reshoots later, Justice League Snyder Cut is coming to HBO Max, Warner’s streaming platform in the United States and for digital purchase worldwide.

But before judging the quality of the film, it is necessary to make a few clarifications. First of all, we shouldn’t make the mistake of seeing the studio as a gentle savior of history, finally offering what we’ve been asking for for years. Not only is the theatrical version less Whedon-like as a result of the producers’ decisions, but let’s remember that they’ve taken a hit with Batman v Superman, the Director’s Cut version much better than projected in the room. . Therefore, twice Zack Snyder saw his work slaughtered by the studio before the latter withdrew. Then, since this Justice League Snyder Cut sees only the light of day in response to its cinematic version, it’s impossible for us to analyze it separately from the 2017 product.

This detail seems important to us to put the film in its context and makes a warning: Justice League Snyder Cut is not a different version of what it looks like in theaters, it is an upgraded version. Explanation.

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Thus the story will remain more or less the same: Superman is dead, Steppenwolf takes the opportunity to come and conquer Earth using Mother Boxes and Batman tries to rid himself of guilt by forming a team to prevent it all. Basically, we’re in a familiar place and if you hate scripts in movies, you won’t appreciate them more here.

However, when we go from a 2 hour film to a 4 hour frame – divided into 6 chapters and an epilogue for a pee break – a difference will be made at the level of the gap. We find there the cut scenes seen in the first trailer of the time, extended or modified scenes and obviously, some roadside running sequences, like the famous Henry Cavill moustache that got erased badly.

What interest? Much like the director’s cut of Batman v Superman, this correction brings a lot of consistency to the overall, coherent. Especially at the character level.

Actor Ray Fisher has been most vocal about Whedon’s version, not only about the director’s unhealthy behavior, but also because he claims that 80% of his scenes are cut. We can now confirm it: he was right. From a utilitarian character to history in 2017, Victor Stone gets a lot of depth with flashbacks, explanations of his abilities or even his relationship with his father. If Fisher still isn’t the most expressive actor in the world, Cyborg gets a real place in the Snyder Cut. Just like his ancestor, embodied by Joe Morton, whose interests are paramount.

The band’s comedy remains the same, but gets some solo parts and action scenes that make it stand out even more. It’s a shame that Ezra Miller is still not the most credible actor for the role, despite his talent.

The secondary protagonist is not forgotten and also has the opportunity to have a few more lines like Lois Lane, Alfred or Mera (who even benefited from the beautiful action scenes). Lastly, consider the appearance of another great superheroic figure.

Even Steppenwolf, although his appearance has not yet been reviewed, has benefited from this new treatment by being given a justification, a personal story. That doesn’t make him a big bad guy, but he’s a little out of the way in stature.

In short, this Justice League is better constructed, more embodied, more credible, more harmonious even in its overall tone or color. This is no longer a 2017 schizophrenic movie.

With his magic eraser, Zack Snyder took the opportunity to erase everything that went wrong with his replacement version. come out daThe blue and red Superman costume, the family to be saved, the race between The Flash and the Man of Steel, the awkward relationship between Diana and Bruce, and the final battle are almost completely rewritten to provide a tense and bloody side. As a bonus, we’re entitled to Darkseid, would you like some here.

By D14N