You could say for now James Wan is one of the favorite directors of Warner Bros. (WB). All of that because of James Wan’s contribution to his The Conjuring universe which became big and became the coffers of the WB box office. And that doesn’t include Aquaman. So it’s okay if James Wan’s request to the studio to fund his latest film, which is James Wan’s place to improvise, will be very easily granted. Because like Christopher Nolan, the name James Wan already has a pretty good reputation in the eyes of the audience, where any film directed by James Wan, especially horror, will make the audience flock to watch it.

Please note that the Malignant universe itself is not related at all to the The Conjuring universe. So what is presented in this film is a completely new universe. Tells the story of a wife and future mother Madisson Mitchell (Annabelle Wallis) who always gets rough treatment from her husband. Until at the peak of the violence, Madisson’s head was injured due to the impact of being pushed by her husband. And since the collision Madisson began to experience strange events. Starting with the murder of her husband by a figure she did not know.

Her husband’s death was only the beginning. Since then Madisson has experienced murder after murder visions that the figure committed. The incident led to Madisson being suspected of masterminding the murder. Slowly Madisson began to investigate what really happened to him. Aided by his sister Sydney (Maddie Hasson), he races against time trying to find answers as to why he can have visions of these murders, which turns out to be Madisson’s discovery of the fact that his past is closely related to what he is experiencing now. Who is that figure really? Why did Madisson have that vision recently? The answer can be found in the film.

Improvisation might be the right word if asked to describe Malignant in one word. James Wan seems to try everything in this film, especially in exploring the narrative plot of the story. The first half of this film uses a horror film approach, then in the middle the story becomes a thriller. Then in the last 30 minutes with a twist that is the best part of the film, it turns into action science fiction. Really crazy and fun at the same time. Improvisation is very risky if not executed properly. But in the case of Malignant, James Wan really knows what to do.

Malignant, which focuses on the plot of this story, does not bring big names in its cast. But the main character Annabelle Wallis who plays the main character deserves thumbs up. Her role which plays a fragile, unstable and traumatized woman is shown to the fullest. The audience is very easy to sympathize with the character he plays. But unfortunately the maximum appearance of Annabelle Wallis is not matched by the other actors. Yes, maybe it was meant to make the audience focus on Madisson’s character.

Malignant is a daring experiment and improvisation by combining several genres into one. Fortunately in the hands of James Wan improv and the experiment was very successful. An enjoyable viewing experience.

By Kania