“You think you know how the world works. You think this material
universe is all there is.
of many?”
With Marvel Studios’ film library already having a number of very
impressive collections such as Iron Man 2 , Captain America: Winter
Soldier , to The Avengers , it’s actually quite difficult to imagine what
next steps they will take to maintain their position as the leading comic
film adaptation producer in the world. today’s world. When pessimism
began to disturb, a series of surprises burst out one after another in the
form of Guardians of the Galaxy which contributed to the repopularization of songs from the 60-70’s era, Ant-Man extracting

at least in the near future. The main title of the fourteenth film in the
Marvel Cinematic Universe series itself has shouted loudly enough to
describe what kind of spectacle we are about to consume, namely
strange – even though the word ” strange ” here refers to the last name
of the main character, does not function as a adjective. It would sound
hyperbolic indeed to call Doctor Strange a “ the strangest mainstream
movie I’ve ever seen!”, but that’s how it is. Breaking through all
existing boundaries, this film directed by Scott Derrickson takes you to
explore a world of imagination that you may never have imagined
could be tasted in previous superhero films .
As an origin story , Doctor Strange does not bring many updates from
the plot sector. The pattern is similar but not the same as the previous
Marvel Studios films, especially Iron Man, considering the character of
Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a rich genius and
arrogant like Tony Stark. Strange’s arrogance was formed because he
had above average intelligence which contributed to his career
propelling him to become one of the most influential neurosurgeons.
However, all the perfection in Strange’s life is suddenly snatched away
when his hands can no longer function properly after he gets into a
terrible car accident. Let alone doing acrobatics in the operating room,
just shaving the sideburns is not a big deal. After months of searching
for help from the modern medical world to restore his hand but to no
avail, Strange’s search took him to Nepal after receiving information
from a former paraplegic.(paralysis of the nerves in the lower body)
which is now able to walk. It is said that in a place called Kamar-Taj,
hidden magic and indescribable power that allows its inhabitants to
penetrate the dimensions of space and time. Accustomed to using
reason as a solution, Strange’s logic of thinking is disturbed until the
owner of the sacred place, The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), shows
what he can do if he is able to master mystical sciences.
Doctor Strange is weird, it’s true. But it’s not strange in the sense of
pejorative, but on the contrary where you will be treated to a crazy
visual show that will make you give thanks because technology has
developed rapidly these days. Not just wanting to show off the done by the majority of blockbuster films – the application of
technological wonders in Doctor Strange is done as a medium for
telling stories. There is an urgent need behind it, namely to visualize
the concept of other dimensions (such as the Mirror Dimension), the
existence of multiuniverses, as well as magical elements that can be
achieved from learning about mystic arts .as the creator, Steve Ditko
wanted. Describing what his visualization creativity looks like in the
form of strings of words is also not easy, so the use of references to
Christopher Nolan’s film Inception is inevitable. This applies to the
Mirror Dimension with gravity somersaults, skyscrapers that fold like
origami paper, to the relentless alternation of city structures.
Meanwhile, when Strange’s body and soul are brought by The Ancient
One to explore another dimension, Scott Derrickson applies a
psychedelic -style visual that will also give you awe and anxiety at the
same time as a result of the very disturbing feeling caused by the
Much superior in terms of appearance, Doctor Strange does not end
up as a spectacle of style over substance . Even though the plot isn’t
very special – the biggest complaint is that the pattern is in sync with
previous Marvel films – Scott Derrickson and screenwriter C. Robert
Cargill are still able to create a story scroll that is crunchy to snack on
and easy to enjoy. The pounding has started from the first minute
when The Ancient One hunts down his former student who defected,
Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen), in a chase scene full of energy with the
audience first being given a shocking sight regarding the beheading (
seriously, didn’t see that one coming !).
a gloomy tone at the beginning, then continued, hanging over Strange’s
days after an accident seriously injured both of his hands. Reaching
this point, there was a big question mark whether Marvel Studios was
trying to revolutionize their way of speaking through darker tones ,
until the titular character set foot in Kathmandu, Nepal, and was
escorted by Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to Kamar-Taj where the
humors are one Laughter- trigger liners began to scatter one after
another brightening the atmosphere. Instead of being distracting, the Of course, one of the keys to the success of delivering a series of funny
jokes is the accurate performance of the actors, especially Benedict
Cumberbatch whose role here is somewhat reminiscent of Sherlock .
Yes, foresight in player casting is one of the main advantages that
Marvel Studios has. Doctor Strange might not be this attractive if he
didn’t get the amazing support from the ensemble casthis compact play
well. Benedict Cumberbatch, the retainer of the acting department,
injects the soul into the figure of Strange.

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By Rama