Technology  is very important in this modern era . People all over the world can be connected to each other thanksto the rapidly advancing technology . Technology also eliminates the distance between human beings to be non-existent. With technology, we can express everything we think that is connected via the internet through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social media.

In the modern era like now, our work can be made easier with the presence of technology. An example is a smart home or so-called smart home , in this smart home we can control all electronic equipment just by voice anywhere and anytime. Like when we are about to turn on the lights or turn on the TV. There are even cars that no longer use fossil fuels, but instead use electricity as fuel. This electric car is also more environmentally friendly because it does not cause pollution. One of the famous electric car companies today is “Tesla”. This Tesla-made car, in addition to using electricity as its main fuel, also uses modern technology such asautopilot . This auto pilot system is a system where we don’t need to drive the car, it can drive by itself according to what we set. The car can also park automatically through sensors that have been embedded in the car. Of course the price of this car is not cheap. But in the future technology like this will definitely become common and the price is more affordable and not as expensive as when this technology was first introduced. Maybe in the future, with the rapid development of technology, we will soon see flying cars.

The impact of technology that continues to develop rapidly is that we can do everything more effectively and efficiently. While the side effect of this technological development is that we become lazy humans. Even modern factories have made robotsas workers they are no longer human. By using these robots as their workforce, factory production becomes faster and more abundant than human labor. Robotic workers also have a minimal error rate compared to humans. Robot workers also do not require a salary, maybe only repairs if there are components that are damaged. If you think about it at a glance, it will eat up the work of humans themselves, but in fact it actually encourages humans to be more advanced and indirectly also opens up new jobs such as mechanical technicians and programmers . There are also jobs that cannot be replaced by robots, namely doctors, psychologists, managers, and public relations. It is possible that these jobs can be replaced by robots in the future if you look at the increasingly rapid technological developments from time to time. The emergence of AI or Artificial Intelligence that can learn new things like the human brain and continues to be developed by scientists around the world. It is possible that the perfect stage of this AI if implanted will be exactly the same as humans and even have feelings.

By Arkha