The Bad Guys is one of the fun animated films to watch with the family. Because, this new action comedy by DreamWorks Animation tells the story of the other side of animal figures who are always considered evil and dangerous, but also have a witty sense of humor.

The film, directed by Pierre Perifel, has an interesting film storyline about a gang of animals, starring Sam Rockwel (Wolf), Marc Maron (Snake), Craig Robinson (Shark), Awkwafina (Tarantula or Web), and Anthony Ramos (Piranha), As criminals who are wanted because of their fondness for stealing, robbing, and committing fraud, decide to try to be an exemplary citizen.

However, things are not that simple, after years of committing countless thefts and becoming the world’s most wanted criminals, some members of The Bad Guys have finally been caught. Knowing his friends were arrested, Mr. Wolf decides to save them all from prison. Avoid the bad impression from the citizens, Mr. Wolf had the idea that The Bad Guys had changed and pretended to be the good guys.

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Under the tutelage of their mentor Professor Richard Ayoade (Marmalade), an arrogant (but adorable!) guinea pig, the Bad Guys begin to deceive the world that they have changed. However, along the way they pretend to be good people, Mr. Wolf begins to feel that doing good can actually give him what he has always longed for: acceptance from society, not seeing himself as a bad person.

When watching The Bad Guys, the audience will be presented with a lot of dialogue and silly scenes from each member of The Bad Guys, their humor will invite laughter when watching it.

Although this film looks funny, the problems of the five animals which are categorized as dangerous and evil animals in real life are wrapped in a very light and meaningful narrative. In some scenes, they will also show how when they do good but are always considered evil because of their figure, making the audience feel the intensity of the problem.

The Bad Guys, highly recommended to be a film in filling a vacation with family. In addition to having many surprises, themed films are very suitable for watching with children. The Bad Guys will premiere in Indonesian cinemas starting March 25, 2022.

By Jaya