“Once, Michael (Liam Neeson), an insurance salesman, was on his regular trip. On the way, a mysterious woman (Vera Farmiga) comes over and asks Michael to reveal the identity of the hidden passenger in the commuter before the last stop.

Michael then realizes a deadly plan is in progress. He was used as a ‘tool’ in a criminal conspiracy that could endanger the lives of himself and his fellow passengers on the commuter.”

The paragraph above is a synopsis of the film entitled The Commuter. This film stars Liam Neeson. You must know “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and kill you” which is one of the most powerful quotes .Here, he’s not going to say that, that’s right, it’s not Taken 1.In several action films , he is always the main character and his family is in danger. Yes, that’s the combination. HThe role of his family is very fond of being kidnapped.

For those of you who want to watch this film, throw away your thoughts about the ending or the storyline. Because here, you will only focus on following the storyline where the action doesn’t stop. Imagine a train. Then, with a duration of one hour on the train, you have to look for someone you don’t know. It should be like that, for example, “Hey, are you A, right?”

From his demeanor, it occurred to him that Liam Neeson’s role as Michael here used to be a kind of mafia or detective. Anyway, dealing with a world that is dark and full of intrigue. To make his mindset extraordinary and always be able to determine the best conclusions in cornered and even dangerous conditions.

As I said before, every time Liam Neeson plays in a movie, his family or loved ones are in danger. Not much different from this film, his family is being held hostage.Very surprising isn’t it? While watching this, I was thinking, duh, what if I ride the train, what happens like in this movie? It’s a bit funny, to the point where I think it’s okay. As a human, I am a KRL fighter. Oh yeah, the little thing that is quite different here is that he didn’t call the mysterious woman, instead he was the one who was called by the mysterious woman. Slightly downgraded from his role in Taken.

Liam Neeson’s acting in martial arts can’t be doubted. In this film, he is old and still good at fighting. Although battered and looking tired, he is still strong against his enemy.His name is also the main character. In my opinion, the action is boring, is it true that one grandfather can beat many armed youths?

The plot of this film is very predictable. Nothing special. I can say that Jakarta commuters are more unpredictable than this film. So yes, the rest you can consider carefully before you watch it in the cinema.

By Kania