I’m basically not a connoisseur of “musical films”, but the hype that I have noticed is quite high on social media and several Watchmen ID contributors who have watched this film previously commented that this film is very worth watching , I was quite interested in watching it, even though I was previously I just want to wait for the bluray.

Anyway , the review will be spoiler free , aka I will spread free spoilers anywhere. No, this is a review without spoilers , so enjoy it !

Woke, The Greatest Showman opened with great fanfare, the first 5 to 10 minutes we were greeted with cool dance choreography and music that was beyond my expectations quite enjoyable , which I’m pretty sure made me literate from the start. Hugh Jackman’s famous character from the recently released Logan film and the X-Men universe is shattered here.

Broadly speaking, in this film you will be presented with a tough and fierce Hugh Jackman who sings and dances, so please imagine from now on. Minus value? Oh, of course not, I, as a layman about dancing and singing, was quite entertained by his performance and some of the actors and actresses who played here. Regarding the choreography and cinematography, I really like it even though I don’t think it’s very special.

By the way , if you are looking for a film that doesn’t think too much and doesn’t pay too much attention to plot details, this is the right film, but if you’re one of those who care about things like a strong plot, scene details that “make sense” and other things. , better think again to watch this film. Why? Because in this film everything is ” Lah-Kok-Quick-Amat ” or ” Lah-Kok-Gitu-Doang “. Several subplots of various conflicts that occur in this film seem to just ride past, hanging without clarity #halah . For me personally, it doesn’t bother me too much, I’m back again because it’s covered by a blaring and useful soundtrack. It’s proven that after the film is finished, I immediately make it the main playlist on my Spotify accountI. LOL.

There are 2 scenes that I notice here that quite amaze me. First, in the early minutes not long after the film starts. Second, the scene where Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson) sings for the first time. It’s like watching a live opera show like you’ve never seen before , but it’s really cool, it’s 2 scenes .

Oh yeah, I missed something, since I watched it in Indonesian cinemas, it seems like there is a cut scene here, a scene that seems to show the CPR scene between Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. WTH!??! But oh well, I don’t want to comment.

The last part I try to compare with other musical films. When compared to Baby Driver (2017), I prefer this film as being more entertaining, but when compared to La La Land (2016), this film is still below it.

By Kania