It is undeniable that we all agree that Shia Labeouf is one of Hollywood’s talented actors. When she was still in her teens, Shia had played and competed with actors such as Will Smith (I, Robot) , Keanu Reeves (Constantine).Not only that, Shia has also worked with directors who already have big names and have also used his services such as Michael Bay (the first Transformers trilogy) David Ayer (Fury) and even Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). Unfortunately, due to personality and temperament problems, he often became the object of negative media and made his career up and down in hollywood. Fortunately, Shia can always find a way to get up again, namely through work. 2019 was arguably one of Shia’s best years. Because in that year there were two films that he starred in received a positive response. The first is The Peanut Butter Falcon and the second is Honey Boy. In Honey Boy, Shia even wrote the script herself. This of course strengthens him as an actor who has talents other than acting that have made his career longer. And for the film that we are reviewing this time is The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a 22-year-old man with Down syndrome who lives in a nursing home because he has no one else. Zak loves free wrestling which he often watches and inspires him to dream of becoming a wrestler like his idol, The Salt Water Neck (Thomas Haden Church). The thing that made him want to run away from the orphanage to pursue these goals. After several failures, Zak finally managed to escape alone to go to The Salt Walter Neck to practice wrestling.

On the run, Zak meets Tyler (Shia LaBeouf), a fisherman who is also on the run after getting into trouble with another local fisherman that makes Tyler hunted for judgment. Tyler, whose life is in disarray after the death of his older brother (Jon Bernthal), is forced to flee which eventually brings him together with Zak. With two different personalities they both go on a journey, adventure and find the meaning of friendship and family bonds.

The film, which was directed by the duo Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz who also wrote the script, is their debut film as a feature-length film director. Bringing big names involved in this film with a very simple story. Alongside Shia LaBeouf are Dakota Johnson (Suspiria, Bad Times at the El Royale), John Hawkes (Contagion, Lincoln), Jon Bernthal (The Punisher, The Walking Dead) and Thomas Haden Church (Spider-man 3, John Carter)

The Peanut Butter Falcon offers a story plot that is not new. We have seen many films with this kind of story. What makes it special are the characters in this film, especially the 2 main characters Zak and Tyler. Two characters who had lost before fighting the world because of the situation that put them in that position. But instead of getting worse or sinking into the situation, they both try to get out of the condition they found in a ‘friend’.

Directors and writers Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz also portray the characters Zak and Tyler in this film very well. If Shia LaBeouf who plays Tyler is gold in this film, then Zack Gottsagen who plays Zak is the diamond. We don’t doubt Shia’s talent, but seeing Zack, who is truly a person with Down syndrome in acting and compensating for Shia, who is already very experienced in acting, provides a different experience for those of us who see this rarely. And this is why the director duo deserves special credit for being able to find Zack Gottsagen to play Zak. Shia and Zack’s excellent performances are also supported by other characters who provide more than just supporting roles. Dakota Johnson,

The Peanut Butter Falcon is an ordinary film with an ordinary story and with characters from ordinary people leaving an unusual impression on the audience. Movies you want to watch again when you need something motivating. Even in the worst of circumstances there is something good there.