He co-starred, composes music, and produces In the Heights (Jon M. Chu, 2021), plays and composes music for Vivo (Kirk DeMicco, 2021), as well as writing stories and composing music for Encanto (Byron Howard, Jared Bush, 2021). At the end of the year, Miranda released another musical called tick, tick… BOOM! which also marked the first time Miranda served as director for a feature-length film. If In The Heights is adapted from the stage play of the same name whose storyline is inspired by Miranda’s childhood life, thentick, tick… BOOM! also adapted from the stage play of the same name whose storyline is also a biopic of Jonathan Larson who, like Miranda, is an American actor, composer, singer, writer, and stage play activist. Together with Rent so global, tick, tick… BOOM! is a stage play directed by Larson which was staged and gained popularity after Larson died at the age of 35 in 1996.

With a story script written by Steven Levenson , tick, tick… BOOM! tells about the anxiety felt by Jonathan Larson ( Andrew Garfield ) at the age of almost 30 years. How come. At an age that he considered to have reached a critical phase, he was still working as a waitress in a restaurant, living in an old apartment, and, what hurt him the most, his efforts to realize his dreams and hopes of having a career in theater were still not showing results. Jonathan Larson has also been exhausted by the rejections he has received for the works he has offered to many theatrical producers. Her struggles to prepare for a musical called Superbiawhich has been running for eight years also continues to face various obstacles. Slowly, Jonathan Larson’s depression begins to affect his personal relationship with his close friend, Michael ( Robin de Jesús ), and his girlfriend, Susan Wilson ( Alexandra Shipp ).

It’s hard not to be amazed – and very, very touched – at the achievements tick, tick… BOOM! . Through a combination of dialogues and musical presentations of her songs, Miranda straightforwardly delivers two storylines that represent the two stages of life that Jonathan Larson’s character goes through – the presentation of the musical drama Superbia whose storyline contains a number of stories from the life lived by Jonathan Larson’s character and the interwoven a story about the process of how Jonathan Larson’s character worked on and built the Superbia story presentationitself. The two timelines that are interconnected and presented alternately are presented very intelligently by Miranda. Sharp dialogues accompany the excavation of a very strong character which is then executed with a fast narrative but never feels rushed in explaining every element of the story.

Levenson’s script is also able to understand the ins and outs of conflict and characters previously described by Larson through his musical stage plays. Focus storytelling tick, tick… BOOM!never switch from the character of Jonathan Larson but Levenson can provide maximum space for other supporting characters who are around the character. As a result, the storytelling rhythm of the relationship between each character in the storyline of this film feels so dynamic. Even minor characters with minimal story excavation are also able to have a maximum impact on the quality of the film’s narrative. Of course, most importantly, Levenson has never been caught up in the complexity of the brain or the way of thinking of the main character who is flooded with various ideas, emotions, and feelings when the character is described as struggling with his feelings of anxiety.

Miranda’s shrewdness in knitting the story of her film clearly would not have reached its best point without the support of a good performance from Garfield. Garfield convincingly brings the character of Jonathan Larson to life, conveying every crevice of his emotional journey, and delivering vocals that will make every ear that hears sink in deep awe. Garfield’s performance as Jonathan Larson’s character is definitely the best performance he’s ever given to date. The acting department tick, tick… BOOM! also received solid support from other acting performances from the cast. Even though the portion of the role is not too big, Vanessa Hudgensable to steal attention in every presence. His stage performances with Garfield for Theraphy or his duet with Shipp for Come to Your Senses definitely produce some magical moments for this film. De Jesús’ appearance is also so captivating and able to provide a deep emotional boost in a number of scenes.

tick, tick… BOOM!definitely not a traditional Hollywood fiction will be the story of a person’s journey to achieve success. The film concentrates more on the main character’s creative journey and how his life – and the characters around him – provide impetus to that creative journey. Perhaps Miranda’s position as someone who grew and thrived in a theater environment gave her a deeper understanding of the story told by Larson. However, Miranda’s ability to process the story and provide a complete narrative through a line of strongly executed musical scenes as well as the quality of the production display is clearly a testament to Miranda’s ability as a director. A brilliant presentation that will remain in the audience’s memory for a long time.