10 years after the first Transformers, Michael Bay delivers the 5th part of his robotic saga. Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci and Josh Duhamel come back to save the world, joined this time by the masterful Hopkins and Laura Haddock (Megan Fox’s new replacement). But what to expect with this latest episode?

Why go see Transformers: The Last Knight ? For the same reasons that led us to see the 2, 3 and 4: action, explosions, flavored with a bogus scenario and concocted by Chief Bay.

Moments of contemplation
This fifth adventure takes place mainly in the United Kingdom, between London and Stonehenge, where our heroes set off to discover the traces of the mythical enchanting Merlin. The magician would have a special connection with the Transformers and would hold an item that could rock the history of Humanity. Alongside this new quest to rescue our world, Michael Bay offers us scenes carried by the grandeur of the sets. A pleasant international trip between the United States, the United Kingdom or Cuba. One might be tempted to see the beginnings of a calming down for the filmmaker through these landscapes, but it would be bad to know him. These plans are quickly buried in the waves of robotic action.

You have to get to Bay, which belongs to Bay
Viewers of Transformers find in The Last Knight what they came for: good special effects. As in the previous sections, they are always under control, and the director knows this and does not hesitate to (ab) use them. Few minutes separate us from a transformation, an explosion or any other action. Fortunately, otherwise the two and a half hours of the film would be too heavy to digest. We fell in love with this innocuous polo match scene, which Michael Bay manages to transform into something epic. The Bay pornography action is back.

Be beautiful and shut up
On the screenplay side, we leave our brains out, as was already the case for the previous ones. It is not this umpteenth part that will call our existence into question or make us want to resolve existential questions. The inspiration is always around monumental stereotypes, giving legendary pathetic lines, including this example of the eternal joke about the difference in pronunciation between British and American accents.

Added to this are a series of insults which add nothing to the subject and which discredit certain actors. Finally we have this impression of a bunch of friends who would have had fun during a drunken evening to dub the film. But we will still note the attempt to subtle quotes from authors such as Arthur C. Clarke, who fail to raise the level.

Action, testosterone, cars and family stories… wouldn’t that sound like Fast and Furious ? (we are not even talking about Cuba, a strange common point between the last two sections of the sagas). The strength of the films worn by Vin Diesel is well established and Transformers is largely inspired by this winning combination. Sadly, the Michael Bay version of the family lacks sincerity. The viewer cannot empathize with heroes with grotesque pasts, who do not have time to express real feelings between two explosions.

As for the realism of the action scenes, if we accept the existence of the Transformers and what that implies (robots, spaceship and co.), It feels like an action film with details imagined for Care bears. Almost no injuries, not a drop of blood (ah if a little greenish drool from robots), not to mention the barely soiled and torn clothes. We know that the films try to be all audiences, but all the same, children are much worse injuries in the playground.

Without trying to convince, Michael Bay signs a new entertainment with Transformers: The Last Knight , seasoned with a Camelot and Knights of the Round Table sauce (with a few splinters of Nazis). But that fans are reassured, the two and a half hours of action scenes follow one another quickly and prevent boredom from setting in. You will not be more marked by this episode than by its predecessors, but whatever. It remains to be seen whether Transformers: The Last Knight will be the last installment produced by Bay or a decoy to attract spectators , already used for the previous ones.

By D14N