Going down street. Like a turd. In the wind”

A few sentences that emerged from Venom in the second trailer gave me goosebumps. Finally, the Venom I have known since childhood will actually appear with its true form. Venom is vicious, big, sharp-toothed and long-tongued like the comic version is really present on the cinema screen.

But, is the hype shown in the trailer directly venom 2 ver online proportional to the appearance in the film? In my opinion, yes , very much.

Nice Classic Structure
As we know before, Venom is a spin-off character from the Spider-Man franchise that was deliberately made into his own film. After seeing Deadpool’s success after raising the theme of anti-hero , Sony Pictures tried to expand its wings even wider.

However, since Venom is a character that is not well-known to many people, producers must be careful in making the ‘foundation’ for the story if they don’t want the film to flop and lose in the market. Maybe for this reason Venom is told with a classic three-act structure that is considered the safest.

The three-act-structure is a complete contrast and was very noticeable when I watched this film. In the first exposition, we are given information about who Eddie Brock is, what his job is, who the people associated with him are, to a little about his past. This exposition aims to build the foundation of the story of the main character, which often makes the audience bored because there are too many narrations and dialogues that they feel are not important.

But even so, the exposition in the Venom film is done well. a dog named palma online gratis
All the information needed about Eddie Brock as the main character is shown clearly and widely, so that the audience will not be confused when an event occurs in the middle or the end of the film.

Then, the Confrontation chapter begins when Eddie Brock is infected by Venom for the first time. The pace of the story is getting faster, the action scenes are getting more and more, and Venom is starting to show more of his face and body. I remember that I sat up straight from my chair as soon as the second half started. I started to get ‘serious’ about the story, because I knew now was the time for the film to be interesting to watch.

And in this second half, Eddie Brock and Venom start to interact with each other and become aware of each other’s presence. The plot of the story is increasingly clear, starting from the origins of Venom to the main goal of the antagonist. Here, I was really focused on seeing every scene and listening to every narration.

Then came the third act, the Resolution round. Eddie Brock and Venom finally meet and try to get Resolution from the antagonist, the symbiote named Riot. All the action started to be amplified, all the weapons started to be released, all the settings started to be destroyed. A great fight ensues, until it finally reaches a climax and the protagonist’s resolution is finally reached.

Well, even though it’s the safest way to get a positive reaction from the audience, films that use storytelling techniques like this might seem boring. It doesn’t feel ‘wow’, everything fits perfectly, nothing stands out and there are no surprising surprises.

Eits, but wait a minute. To maintain the Venom hype for longer, this film provides 2 after-credit scenes like other MARVEL films. And believe me, the first after-credits really gave the audience goosebumps and couldn’t wait for the sequel. If you’re a loyal fan of the Spider-Man franchise , you definitely know what character might appear in the next film. Can’t really wait!

By Kania