[REVIEW] White Snake 2: Green Snake (Netflix) – Eye-catching images, deep story

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“White Snake 2: Green Snake is an animated movie worth watching, it has all the elements to entertain us in terms of sight, hearing…”

Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi is an animated film worth watching, it has all the elements for us to entertain in terms of sight, hearing and life stories worth pondering through. the characters.

White Snake 2: Green Snake is a Chinese animated series, with the material being familiar myths but modified in more novel ways. Following the success of season 1, season 2 released in its home country in July also received a positive reception from the audience, now part 2 has been streamed on the Netflix platform. If part 1 of the story focuses on the love of Bach Xa and Hua Tien, part 2 will be a story dedicated to Thanh Xa with an emphasis on this deep sisterly love. Since both stories have their own exploits, you can still watch Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi even if you haven’t watched season 1 before.

Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi begins with the unfinished ending of the previous part when the two sisters Thanh Xa – Bach Xa are fighting together with the monk Phap Hai, but in the end, both of their efforts are still not enough to fight. again. Tieu Bach was imprisoned in Tran Loi Tower, while Tieu Thanh was exiled to Tu La Thanh – a place containing elements who still hold attachments to the mortal world who do not accept reincarnation. More disturbingly, the ingredients here include all kinds of people, love things and they are constantly in fierce battles with each other. The film witnessed a long journey of Tieu Thanh to overcome harsh tribulations in Tu La Thanh and find a way to escape from that place to find Tieu Bach again.

The characters are inspired by old myths, but when adapted into cartoons, they have been modified and added with modern materials. The image part is the biggest plus point for Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi, especially the shapes of the characters are carefully studied and cared for, which makes the viewer extremely satisfied with the look. Surely will fall in love with the enchanting beauty of Tieu Thanh – Tieu Bach, but will also be equally satisfied with the interesting and unique shapes of the demons in Tu La Thanh. The shape of each character, whether main or secondary, has its own features enough to leave an impression on viewers. The expressions of the characters are also convincing enough for the viewer, which is difficult to do for the usual cartoon. The action scenes of the camera angle are varied, with rhythmic movements that make the matches so soulful and attractive. It must be recognized that Trung’s 3D animation has made remarkable efforts in recent years.

Treating viewers with visuals is not enough, Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi also offers an equally unique listening part. The film skillfully uses traditional musical instrument sounds to describe the emotions of the characters at the right time. Besides, melodious sentences are carefully selected as if they want to “sink” the audience’s mood in the touching sisterly love story of reincarnation of Tieu Thanh and Tieu Bach.

The highlight of Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi is a rather large cast of supporting characters. This allows the film to tell more of the small stories of each character, besides it also contributes to building the storyline for the main character – Tieu Thanh. Typically, the story of Sima, it shows the audience the image of a “half-hearted” husband who can share everything with you when life is peaceful but when in trouble, he is the one who gives up. first run. Sima has both her own story and helps the character Tieu Thanh realize many morals in life, as well as lead to a change in her actions later.

But besides that, bringing too many characters to appear continuously and giving them too much to convey, this is also a “double-edged sword” for Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi . The large cast of supporting characters in the end did not leave much impression on the audience other than the fierce battles that took place quickly. Or there are some characters that bring very vague stories and do not help the main plot, only making the movie go on more and more sluggish because of the dense succession of countless characters from nowhere. falling.

Almost throughout Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi always appear in constant battles. Because there are so many battles in a row, but there is no definite climax for the movie circuit in any particular match, that makes the movie a bit lengthy. When the battles take place that seem to leave some climax or highlight for the movie, looking at the remaining playtime, the movie has plenty of time to complete the story. Know that each battle is intended to convey a certain message to the viewer, but when something happens too many times, it becomes less attractive.

In general, Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi is an animated film worth watching, it has all the elements to entertain us in terms of sight, hearing and life stories to think about. Think through the characters. Each person will have their own way of feeling the lesson of Bach Xa 2: Thanh Xa Kiep Khoi through personal life experiences. The writer personally realizes that everyone’s life will have their own attachments, but life out there goes on every day, sometimes you have to put down your attachments to find better things. in front of.