Watching Locke is reminiscent of Buried , because of the similarities between the two types of films, namely that there is only one main actor throughout the film, who only interacts with the voices of other actors, and the entire film takes place in only one location (almost). Film reviews really enjoyed Buried, because even though it was only located in one place, and only one actor was dominant, the film was still able to present an extraordinary suspense , with an ending that was no less thrilling.

Locke presents a similar premise. The main character, Ivan Locke, is the focus of this film from beginning to end. Only him, accompanied by his cell phone and car. All dialogue interactions throughout the film only occur through Ivan’s conversation on the cellphone, or Ivan’s conversation with himself. It is said that Ivan, a construction manager, leaves a construction site to go home. But unexpectedly he had to make the decision not to go home, but to travel about 2 hours from Birmingham to London. The entire film takes place in the car during this trip.

Ivan’s decision to go to London is a decision that is quite reasonable, and makes us feel quite sympathetic to him, even though this decision was the result of a series of events that was Ivan’s own fault. This mistake made him have to deal with his family, especially his wife, who suffered the most because of it. On the other hand, on this trip Ivan also had to maintain the continuity of the new project the next day. Various conversations, telephone calls, took place very naturally, so we didn’t feel like we were watching a movie, we felt like we were there, sitting with Ivan in his car.

Although not as tense as Buried, the conversations that are shown still make us curious, and cleverly all of them form a fairly dynamic story. Every thing in our life is a story, this is probably what we feel from digesting the conversations of Ivan and his interlocutors on the phone. And the stories are linked, intertwined, forming a slick narrative, with all the conflicts and moral pressures that Ivan must experience from various parties.

Tom Hardy played Ivan Locke very well. And since the film had to rely on him from start to finish, it was only fitting that it should be played by an actor with convincing acting. By only dealing with the voice on the phone, Tom Hardy’s acting skills are really put to the test. And in my opinion, he passed this test. 8/10

Ivan Locke : You make one mistake, Donald, one little fucking mistake, and the whole world comes crashing down around you.