Observing the filmography of a Jacob Tremblay after his controversial role in Room, is quite impressive. Since then, he has never missed playing a film every year. Not all of them were successful, but it can still be said to be successful especially for his performance which is always praised by critics. Finally Tremblay received a shower of praise when he was a disabled boy in Wonder. Unfortunately, the role in the film, which was predicted to receive a flood of awards because it was handled by Xavier Dolan, was lost meaninglessly because The Death & Life of John F. Donovan seemed to have died right when the film premiered at Cannes 2 years ago. Prior to the appearance of Doctor Sleep with Ewan McGregor, which reportedly received rave reviews, Tremblay also played in adult comedies funded by Seth Rogen, one of which was Good Boys.

Tremblay is one of the 3 main characters of elementary school children who are growing up. Be curious about things that smell like sex and other mischief. Pursuing his monkey love at all costs, until one day these three small children are in the middle of a case that must involve themselves in all corners of the city, including having to deal with drug dealers and the local police. At first glance the story is still common in the mind that elementary school children are able to churning their stomachs, once again if the story is still written on paper. After being transferred to the audiovisual direction, the story became even more brutal and vulgar, considering that all the trouble was done by a child of elementary school age. The script became dominoes for the film itself. When played by teenagers or pre-adults,

I’m not lying, this movie is very funny. But, can I accept their jokes? No. Yes, because the louder I laughed, the more strange and uncomfortable I felt about the film. This will be different if, as I said earlier, stupid and dirty words and actions in this film are done by at least junior high school students before high school. Then I remembered who the mastermind behind the Good Boys scene was. Seth Rogen’s name is listed, who is already an expert in dirty comedy like this. Washing this film’s hands as if the extreme events at Good Boys were still at a reasonable level is what makes me even more disapproving of the film. Good Boys until the end of the second did not try to fix the irregularities that exist. Thus, the boy drama that covers the film is only a camouflage so that there is an additional duration.

Jacob Trembay and the other child actors did a great job. The trio of our main characters (I get rid of personal discomfort), are ‘able’ to swallow the adult scene by scene in this film. Hopefully they will in fact also understand what they are doing here. It seems and they should understand. I expected Will Forte’s portion to be quite large and important like Owen Wilson became the father of Tremblay in Wonder, it’s a shame that Forte here is nothing more than a cameo whose presence can be replaced by even an unknown actor. I’m at a point where I don’t really care about Gene Stupnitsky’s directorial debut, because there’s nothing more prominent about this film than the cast and their raunchy jokes.

When Knocked-Up came along, I didn’t expect it to be that funny. There is an element of responsibility in the dirty jokes and the main character in the film. Seth Rogen’s name went high, followed by the success of Pineapple Express and Sausage Party. However, in the end he agreed that when there were stories like Good Boys to be funded, I again doubted the responsibility. Did he really want to convey that this is how elementary school children live there today, or as I said earlier that this was done because they were bored with stories like this being told by teenagers? If only this film focused on the love of monkeys, widening the relationship between the children and their parents (especially when Good Boys grappled with the issue of divorce and the impact on the child), without being included with things related to sex toys and narcotics, I’m sure Good Boys can be an enticing dish. Enjoy watching.